Killer Instinct, Deus Ex Headline Xbox’s Games With Gold For January

Killer Instinct, Deus Ex Headline Xbox’s Games With Gold For January

With December nearly over — is your shopping done? — it’s time for Microsoft and Sony to reveal their lineups for Games With Gold and PlayStation Plus. While we’re still waiting on Sony’s news, here’s what Microsoft’s offering.

Remember, Games With Gold is not actually free; it requires you to sign up for an Xbox Live Gold subscription. And while two of the games are technically Xbox 360 releases, they’re fully playable on Xbox One, as well!

Xbox One

Zheros (January 16-February 15)
Killer Instinct: Season 1 Ultra Edition (January 1-31)

Xbox 360

DiRT Showdown (January 1-15)
Deus Ex: Human Revolution (January 16-31)


  • One of their biggest exclusive hits and a solid AAA title mixed with a couple of lower tier indie style games… Not bad.

    $20 says Sony counters with a bunch of crap indie titles again

    • It’ll probably be indies, as to their quality it remains to be seen.

      And if by “solid AAA title” you’re referring to Deus Ex Human Revolution, that was already on PS+ three and a half years ago (July 2012)…

      • I think the only platforms Deus Ex isn’t available for are the PS4 and XBOX One. I’m amazed it hasn’t made it to them yet. You can even get it for the Wii U.

        • Well I guess technically it’s on XB1 via backwards compatibility. I think it’s more an issue of who was going to buy it again by the time those consoles came out? I think anybody who was interested probably already had it by that point. It wasn’t on the Wii so maybe they thought it might find a new audience on Wii U.

  • Well I was going to install Deus Ex off the disc as backwards compatible but will now wait to get with Gold thus removing the disc in tray annoyance.

    • If you install off the disc and then unlock as digital you won’t have to download anything I’m sure, just to save you another hassle.

      • I think any 360 game you have to download to play under backwards compatibility. The 360 version that you already own won’t run – it has to download the backwards compatible version that has been recompiled to run on XB1. The disc just needs to be in there as piracy protection. At least that’s how I understand it?

        • What he means is that if you install it from the disc it uses the same version as you download from the marketplace. The disc acts as a license for now, and then when he claims the digital license via Games with Gold in January he should be able to play it without re-downloading anything. It’ll save him some time (especially considering how much he hates having to deal with downloads on this system). Sort of like installing a pre-ordered title.
          That said XBOX One backward compatibility is chaotic. I’d Google it to confirm it works that way before downloading to avoid wasting my time.

          • That’s an interesting one – will it work as a pre-install or not? Or would it require a re-install like on the 360? I have some games in both formats, worth an experiment

        • Definitely – the disc is a token for the download, nothing more it would seem.

          It didn’t work like this for 360 either, unfortunately. I tried testing it out with a few games: install a game from disc that I own a digital copy of, then try to play. Needed to insert the disc. Downloading the game would start from scratch. Don’t remember whether it overwrote the installed copy, or created a duplicate, though.

          • When I installed Halo 5 I was able to install it from the disc, but subsequently use the digital code to activate it… I don’t know if that’s quite the same thing, but there it is.

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