Kotaku Australia's Australian Game Of The Year

Of all the polls we've had so far, I'm really proud to say that the Australian game of the year received the most attention and the most votes. It was also one of the most competitive, which I think says a lot about where the Australian games industry is at right now.

I'd argue that, in terms of quality, this might be the best year of Australian games ever.

Hacknet, Expand, Armello, Hand of Fate, Assault Android Cactus, Shooty Skies, Pac-Man 256, Satellite Reign, Land Sliders, Ninja Pizza Girl. That's just some of the great work being produced in Australia right now.

In any other year most of these games would be in with a strong chance of taking out Australian game of the year, but in 2015 there can only be one! It was pretty close, but in the end there was a clear winner.



Congratulations to League of Geeks — Armello is Kotaku Australia's Australian game of the year.


Hand of Fate

The team at Defiant Development in Brisbane takes out second place. Congrats to everyone who worked on the game!

3rd Place


Well over a thousand people voted on this poll, but there was only eight votes between second and third place. Congrats to Matt Trobbiani!

Thanks to everyone who voted!


    I mean, it's no Anna's Quest, but way to go Armello! *flails arms* Well done! :)

    Congrats to Armello and Hand Of Fate. Knew it would come down to one of those 2, both such amazing games from talented development teams. Well done to everybody!

    Armello had slipped under my radar, but having checked out a couple of vids, I'm interested. Hand of fate was my pick. Glad to see it do well.

    Space Marine?

      Not this time, Loops. Not this time.

        but.... but.... the heresy....

      But 'loops, Space Marine came out in 2011...

      And wasn't made in Australia.

        Australia is part of the Emperor's Holy Terra.
        The Emperor is Timeless.

        Therefore, This is the most Australian game ever made, by default. It is also not constrained by "time".

        Bow before the opulence of the game of the year... every year.

          Well... that was more calm and reasonable than the usual "PURGE THE HERETIC" routine.

            The non-believer has fallen for our sly guise.


              Tinman are doing a Space Marine game as we speak, so there'll be no question of Astartes relevance next year.

    That's cool I own both and loved Armello (wish it had more single player) =]

    Oh man, so sad for Satellite Reign... but yeah, those others seemed pretty solid. I can only speak for playing Hand of Fate which was outstanding, but from what I've heard of all the other titles I can believe that this competition was ridiculously close.

    'Crawl' is my favourite.

    But it's still early access.


    If anyone ever fancies a game of Armello on the PS4, add me...PSN ID: ActionFlash

    Disappointed I didn't see the original poll. For me, Hand of Fate was easily one of the best games of the entire year, let alone Australian games.

    Super nice to see. As this game certainly represents the most I've backed in a Kickstarter so far, I certainly wanted to see it pull through as one of Australia's best modern games.

    Such a strong showing from Aussies this year! So good to see.

    The only one of those three I've played is Armello. I backed it on Kickstarter and I'm really happy that I did. So great.

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