Kotaku Australia's Mobile/Handheld Game Of The Year

You nominated, then you voted. Now it's time to announce the reader voted Mobile/Handheld game of the year.

This was ridiculously close. I know I always say that, but Jesus, this one was so close.


The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Normally we don't let remakes take part in these awards, but this game was more than a HD update. Great game, good remake. A bright spot in a pretty poor year for handheld games. This took 16% of the votes.


Fallout Shelter

I'm actually surprised this didn't win. This took 15% of the votes.

3rd Place

Pac-Man 256

Cool — an Australian game makes the list. This took 14% of the votes. I told you it was close!

Thanks to everyone who voted!


    Fallout shelter got old and grindy fast.

      Fallout Shelter sucked from the word go for me. The controls were absolutely tedious and terrible. It's probably a bit less awful on a tablet, but I couldn't stand it on my 5.5" phone (and I guess I'm not a huge fan of touch-screen gaming in general).

      Last edited 15/12/15 1:44 pm

        agree. I hated the controls and every time I put my phone away I'd re open it to find every thing had gone to shit in an hour while I wasn't looking.

      Once I hit the population cap and made the vault so self-sustaining that I couldn't even spend my caps anymore, I was over it. I know they added deathclaw attacks and other random events later, but I had uninstalled it by that point and had no interest in reinstalling since they didn't add cloud saves until later, meaning I would have had to start over.

        Same - I reached that point. All that time lost. Won't be going back, even for the new update it just got.

      Less than 10 mins for me

    No, handheld and mobile should not be bundled together.

    Back-handed compliments essentially saying Majora's Mask 3D was the best of a bad bunch doesn't really wash, though.

    Hell, to give the Vita credit where credit is due, handhelds will be on-par with the 'big boy machines' sooner than we think.

    Can you imagine if (say) the Super Mario Galaxy Remake on the Microsoft NXbox TrainBuddy 2 (With Knuckles) won over Last of Us 3: With a Vengeance in one of these awards?

      And yet there wasn't a huge number of nominations for the category so it isn't a case of the category being too broad

    Steamworld heist is goddamned fantastic so far, my favourite 3ds game this year.

    I never had a response to my question - why wasn't Hearthstone included in the nominations?! It easily had my vote.

      Did you mention it when Mark asked?

      I even got TitS added.

        Yeah I did, and so did a few others I think. Only reason I can think of is that it released a while ago but only hit mobiles April this year? I still think that warrants a nomination considering many of the games listed were remakes/remasters.

          Yep, I don't get why ports, remakes or remasters can't be included.

    Torn, Majora was pretty excellent. Doesn't bother me that it's a remake, it was new to handheld & I'm damn sure it was entirely new to someone.

    I still think TitS is the clear winner. But I'm a nutjob.

    Man I sucked at fallout shelter so so badly. But meh

    Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls is my 2015 pick

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