Kotaku Australia's PC Game Of The Year

We took your nominations, we recorded the votes. Now the results are in! Time to announce Kotaku Austalia's reader voted PC game of the year!

And the winners are...


The Witcher 3

This was a clear winner. 30% of the total vote. A lot of you liked The Witcher 3.


Fallout 4

Well, obviously. Fallout 4 may have disappointed a few people, but it still managed to garner 17% of the vote.

3rd Place

Satellite Reign

Well this was a surprise to me. A pleasant surprise. Congrats!

Thanks to everyone who voted!


    Satellite Reign is pretty goddamn awesome...

      I don't think I've even heard of it before now.

      I honestly hadn't heard of Satellite Reign until this article.

      thats the TRUE Sydicate remake isnt it?

        It's pretty damn close. Bit finicky in its UI and introduces some puzzling rules, but yeah. It's about as good as I reckon it gets.

        Yes, by some of the people that were involved with the old Syndicate games too.

    Bah fallout 4 only took second place because ARK and Dying Light werent on the list

      Can't speak for ARK, but there's no way in hell Dying Light was going to knock off Fallout 4 no matter where you put it on the list.

      It’s a great game, but it’s been dwarfed in terms of hype, sales, playing hours ect. It’s also from the start of the year which does it no favours 8-9 months later.

      Did it make the console specific lists? It won’t make the top 3 on any of those either, it’s just been too competitive this year.
      Witcher, Fallout, Halo/ MGS/ Something else for the Xbone
      Witcher, Fallout, Bloodborne/ MGS for the PS4

        I have a feeling Dying Light will be the most tragically overlooked game of 2015.

          As long as it’s a financial success I don’t mind, I don’t have enough time to PLAY all the brilliant games that came out this year, let alone spend time talking up all the ones that haven’t received as much attention. I think it sold enough for everyone to get paid and a sequel is probably on the cards, it honestly wouldn’t be my recommendation to anyone if they were only going to buy 3 games this year unless they were a zombie-nut.

          Maybe we should just be grateful that it came out early in the year and didn’t do a “Tomb Raider”. That’ll be easily the best piece of software released this year that almost nobody cares about (for reasons both deserved and unfortunate).

            Tomb Raiders trouble wasnt just releasing the same day as Fallout 4, its trouble was releasing only on the Xbone. However it will get a bigger reaction early next year when it arrives on PC and most likely PS4

              Yep. It’s not just an exclusivity thing either, I think there’s some level of negative bias from people who (rightly or wrongly) feel entitled to the game on other systems and want it to suck.

              I do feel bad for the hundreds of developers who have no control over what the higher ups decide in terms of console exclusivity, project funding and who picks the release date. There’s a lot of people who did a fine job of making a good game and any failure certainly isn’t their fault.

      ARK is still in Early Access and so technically has not "released" in 2015.

      I currently have 222 hours in Fallout 4 and I haven't even done much of the main story yet. Steamspy says the median playtime of Dying Light is 21:59 while Fallout 4 is at 47:51. So either Dying Light is an amazing game that you never want to play again, or Fallout 4 has a lot of people playing for a longer time who don't actually have fun.. but if we go with the simplest explanation, people enjoy Fallout 4 more than Dying Light.

    I would have liked to see the full voting results, but I'm still really happy to see the witcher 3 get the recognition it deserves - tw1 and tw2 are my two favourite games of the past decade.

    Pretty fair call I would say.

    I haven't played Satellite Reign , but I will now
    (thanks for the heads up good people of Kotaku)

    So Satellite Reign takes 3rd in overall PC games but can only manage 3rd in Australian made games as well. I guess it goes to show that in any other year the top 3 could easily have won best game.

    How did Pillars of Eternity not even make the top 3? Good Lord!

      Probably because non-platform exclusive titles were on the list would be my guess. Best PC should be Best PC Exclusive and so on for the consoles. It's the only fair way to do it.

      But then I guess it penalises titles that release on multiple platforms so it's not fair. QUANDARY!

        But it's obviously the better of this list of games I be never actually played.

          Go go gadget autocorrect!

          New categories:
          Best PC Exclusive
          Best PS4 Exclusive
          Best XB1 Exclusive
          Best WiiU Exclusive
          Best Handheld
          Best Mobile
          Best MultiPlatform
          Best Game Jimu Hasn't Played

            I'm down with this ....nearly. Where's best 3DS & Vita exclusive? Huh, HUH???!!! *explodes*

              Paradoxically I don't think handheld needs an exclusivity category. I mean it's not like anything came out on Vita anyway. :P

                *sobs tears of blood from overworked tear ducts*

                I just saw a guy with a Vita on the train this afternoon. I actually did a double-take, and smiled.

                Thought about commenting on it and offering a fist-bump, but then realised I couldn't remember what it was actually called. All my brain would say was "PSP".

    No arguments from me. TW3 is my Game of All Time

      Hopefully only until Cyberpunk. :D

        I hope Cyberpunk has future swords. If I have to aim the game is ruined (although idiot mode with auto aim is an easy fix, but we don't cater to bad shots because git gud)

    (Incessantly babbles the witcher 3 until locked up in a padded cell to continue babbling "The Witcher 3")

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