This Online Program Decides Your Favourite Video Games Of All Time

It'll legitimately take longer than writing and sorting your own personalised list, but if you have time to kill and like making really, really difficult choices, this online program will help you create your top 20 video games of all time list.

Its super fun. But it's also a slow descent into madness. Be warned. Click here and leave your sanity behind.

How does the program work? Essentially it's presented as a series of choices. It presents you with an endless array of choices: which game do you prefer? Then at the end it creates you a list of your preferences.

The choices become increasingly brutal. Take this one for example:

I sat here for like five whole minutes.

(I chose Super Metroid in the end.)

Then this one. This one was even worse.

I honestly don't think I can pick between these two games. This made me break down into tears. I honestly put Metroid Prime, A Link To The Past and Dark Souls as my top three games of all time.

Bugger it, I went with A Link To The Past. That was brutal.

Next tough choice was this. This is basically my face-off for Game of the Year 2015.

Also — be warned. It takes a long time. For perspective — I was 55% of the way through and I had made a ridiculous 277 choices.

Things started to get a little easier towards the end, but there were still some humdingers thrown in there...

But then this fucking happened. No. Stop. Stop making me choose. No. GOD NO. PLEASE NO. WHY. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?

Why are you doing this to me? Why do you want to hurt me. These choices are ripping apart the molecules of my goddamn humanity.

(I chose Metroid Prime. I hovered the mouse over A Link To The Past for a long time, then I rapidly switched it to Metroid Prime. I think I regret this decision.)

This was the point I sort of figured out that my top 3 would be Metroid Prime, A Link To The Past and Dark Souls.

The end game was near. I could almost sense the choices filtering into my list.

Here, in all it's glory, was my final list.

1 Metroid Prime 2 Zelda: A Link to the Past 3 Dark Souls 4 Super Metroid 5 Super Mario World 6 Zelda: Ocarina of Time 7 Super Mario Galaxy 8 Halo: Combat Evolved 9 Bloodborne 10 Red Dead Redemption 11 Metal Gear Solid 3 12 Mass Effect 2 13 Journey 14 Super Mario Galaxy 2 15 Metal Gear Solid 16 Metal Gear Solid 4 17 Super Mario 64 18 Halo 3 19 Resident Evil 4 20 Metal Gear Solid 2 21 Metal Gear Solid V 22 Chrono Trigger 23 Assassin's Creed II 24 Zelda: The Wind Waker 25 Star Wars: KOTOR 26 Shadow of the Colossus 27 Resident Evil 28 Portal 2 29 Resident Evil 2 30 Morrowind 31 Skyrim 32 Zelda: Twilight Princess 33 Uncharted 2 34 Tetris 35 Super Mario Bros. 3 36 Portal 37 The Last of Us 38 Perfect Dark 39 Splatoon 40 Okami 41 Mass Effect 42 Batman: Arkham City 43 Destiny 44 Oblivion 45 Grand Theft Auto V 46 Mario Kart 8 47 Phoenix Wright 48 GoldenEye 007 49 Minecraft 50 Final Fantasy VII 51 GTA: Vice City 52 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 53 Fallout 3 53 Life is Strange 53 Undertale 53 Mass Effect 3 57 Final Fantasy VI 57 Paper Mario: TYD 57 Tales of Symphonia 57 Xenogears 57 Pokemon X/Y 57 Smash Bros. Wii U 57 Planescape: Torment 64 The Witcher 3 65 DK Country 2 66 Zelda: Majora's Mask 67 Call of Duty 4 67 Dragon Age: Origins 69 Super Mario Maker 70 Final Fantasy XII 70 Valkyria Chronicles 72 Banjo-Kazooie 72 Castlevania: SOTN 74 Smash Bros. Melee 74 Kingdom Hearts II 74 Age of Empires II 74 Pokemon Red/Blue 74 The Walking Dead 74 Final Fantasy VIII 74 Animal Crossing New Leaf 74 Diablo II 74 Demon's Souls 74 Final Fantasy Tactics 74 Skies of Arcadia 74 Persona 4 74 999 74 Hearthstone 74 Suikoden II 74 Monster Hunter 4U 74 Warcraft III 74 Final Fantasy IX 74 Xenoblade Chronicles 74 Baldur's Gate II 74 Phoenix Wright: Trials 74 Civilization V 74 Shenmue 74 Super Mario RPG 74 GTA: San Andreas 74 Binding of Isaac Rebirth 74 Fallout: New Vegas 74 Paper Mario 74 EarthBound 74 Team Fortress 2 74 Bayonetta 2 74 Mother 3 74 Silent Hill 2 74 Starcraft 74 Virtue's Last Reward 109 Half-Life 2 110 BioShock 111 Ratchet & Clank 3 111 Dragon Quest VIII 111 Persona 3 111 Mega Man X 111 Final Fantasy X 111 Pokemon Gold/Silver 111 World Ends with You 111 Fire Emblem: Awakening 111 Cave Story 111 Deus Ex 111 Shovel Knight 111 Chrono Cross 111 BioShock Infinite 111 Borderlands 2 125 Half-Life 126 Kingdom Hearts 126 Final Fantasy IV 126 World of Warcraft

It's weird. I think this is a good list that does a fairly good job of filtering my own personal tastes. I think if I were to sit down and create a list like this manually, it would look pretty similar.

There are a few exceptions. I think Bloodborne might be a little high, I think Super Mario World is also a little high. I'm surprised to see Splatoon at 39, but I really, really love that game. Towards the bottom end it all gets a little bit messy. There are games I haven't even played here like Deus Ex and Kingdom Hearts (I know I know).

Regardless, this was a lot of fun. I recommend it. Post your lists below!


    Maybe not perfect (needed options for pirates!, colonization, x-wing and total war), but given the limitations of the form system it's not bad.

    1 The Witcher 3
    2 Zelda: The Wind Waker
    3 Persona 4
    4 Red Dead Redemption
    5 Civilization V
    6 Half-Life 2
    7 GTA: Vice City
    8 Mass Effect 2
    9 Fire Emblem: Awakening
    10 Okami

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      The choices are all from this year's GameFAQS Best. Game. Ever poll. Someone needs to take them to task over their bad taste.

      I applaud having Civ V so high. Hats off to you sir.

    Goldeneye 007 vs Diablo II


      Yeah I can't lie. I'm a dirty Pokemon lover.

      1 Pokemon Red/Blue
      2 Zelda: Ocarina of Time
      3 GoldenEye 007
      3 Diablo II
      5 Pokemon Gold/Silver
      6 Warcraft III
      7 Civilization V
      8 Zelda: A Link to the Past
      9 GTA: Vice City
      10 Final Fantasy Tactics
      11 Perfect Dark
      12 World of Warcraft
      13 Grand Theft Auto V
      14 Starcraft
      15 Team Fortress 2
      16 Smash Bros. Melee
      17 Minecraft
      18 Final Fantasy VI
      19 Skyrim
      20 Age of Empires II

        Same here. Several great games went up against red and blue... several great games lost.

        Having said that, TLOU came out top of my list, which feels *about* right.

          I have never played the Last of Us.

          If that is shocking to you, then so be it...

          (bonus points for getting the reference)

      Also I'm not sure Diablo II should have ended up at number 3 for me... Oh well?

      "I feel the same way about both".

        Yes yes, but I don't. 007 won in the end. That game was far too much fun ^_^

    1 GoldenEye 007
    2 Perfect Dark
    3 BioShock Infinite
    4 Half-Life
    5 Pokemon Red/Blue
    6 Half-Life 2
    7 The Last of Us
    8 Super Mario Bros. 3
    9 Age of Empires II
    10 DK Country 2

    Might have put Half Life 2 above Half Life, but both very enjoyable.

    A lot of Nintendo classics in there Mark, good to see! My list would be very similar actually.
    Just waiting on the wii u to come down in price, sob, then Nintendo goodness will be mine again...oh yes


    Edit: I've calmed down a bit. Here's my list. I'm pretty confident in the first seven, though I'm questioning whether Phoenix Wright really deserves absolute top billing, and I think the wheels came off the algorithm a little bit after that (user error, probably).

    1. Phoenix Wright
    2. Dark Souls
    3. Metal Gear Solid
    4. Metal Gear Solid 2
    5. Phoenix Wright: Trials
    6. Bloodborne
    7. Demon's Souls
    8. Life is Strange
    9. The Last of Us
    10. Final Fantasy X
    11. Shadow of the Colossus
    12. Zelda: OoT
    13. Zelda: LttP
    14. Mario Kart 8
    15. Metal Gear Solid 3

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      I know right!? I sat there for 30 minutes thinking about this twisted and horrific battle that has no good answer

      If it's so hard to choose, why not select, you know, the middle option which is you like them the same? That's the point of the test.

        Because this way is much funnier to write about.

    "Heh, this'll be easy. I don't even care about most of the games that'll pop up."

    Battle 9: RE4 vs Paper Mario


    I've only played around 30 of the games on the list long enough to have a proper opinion of them, but it still managed to come up with a pretty accurate (80%ish) list.

    1 Metal Gear Solid V
    2 Final Fantasy VII
    3 Metal Gear Solid 2
    4 Metal Gear Solid
    5 Starcraft
    6 Final Fantasy X
    7 Oblivion
    8 Super Mario Bros. 3
    9 Super Mario World
    10 Grand Theft Auto V

    I wouldve thought Super Metroid and HL2 would be higher, but pretty accurate otherwise.

    1 Sonic the Hedgehog 2
    2 World of Warcraft
    3 Bloodborne
    4 GTA: San Andreas
    4 Chrono Cross
    6 Super Metroid
    7 Final Fantasy VII
    8 GoldenEye 007
    9 Team Fortress 2
    10 Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    11 Hearthstone
    12 Super Mario Bros. 3
    13 Metroid Prime
    14 Super Mario World
    15 GTA: Vice City
    16 Super Mario 64
    17 Half-Life 2
    18 Half-Life
    19 Mega Man X
    20 Metal Gear Solid 2

    Last edited 01/12/15 10:11 am

    1 Baldur's Gate II
    2 Star Wars: KOTOR
    3 Pokemon Red/Blue
    4 Fire Emblem: Awakening
    5 World of Warcraft
    6 Phoenix Wright
    7 Grand Theft Auto V
    8 Resident Evil
    9 GTA: Vice City
    10 Resident Evil 2
    11 BioShock
    12 Uncharted 2
    13 Skyrim
    14 GTA: San Andreas
    15 Oblivion
    16 Fallout 3
    17 Dragon Age: Origins
    18 Resident Evil 4
    19 Pokemon X/Y
    20 Chrono Trigger

    A bit odd for some of mine. There's a few games I really like that ended up low on my list because they just kept being compared to games I didn't like that much or hadn't played over and over. Same goes for a few of the games that made it in to my top 20 that I no doubt like but wouldn't rank them there if I made my own list. No idea how pokemon x/y and dragon age ended up so high because I click other games against them that ended up lower. Same for San Andreas.

    Last edited 01/12/15 10:17 am

      Same for me. Diablo II is a top 15 for me, but number 3? That's a bit rich :P

        I always preferred the first diablo

          Yeah but I didn't have a family PC that could run it that early. Our Pentium 75 just wasn't able to cut it.

            Things like that play a big part in what games we rate from the past, the first Diablo was one of the first games I really got hooked on and would use editors to create crazy items. We also used to lan it and then later play the PS1 port for multiplayer. Diablo 2 on the other hand I didn't play until a few years after launch and only ever played through it on my own and so don't have as fond memories.

              Whereas we sessioned the hell out of D2, even though it was old, right after I bought my own PC for the first time. Was kind of amazing :D

    1. The Urbz: Sims in the City
    2. Mass Effect
    3. MGS 3

    What is this even. I haven't played like half the games on it, the Sims is not on there (and the Dragon Age sequels) and my SEVENTH game(s) are games I haven't played because I couldn't choose between them due to not having played them. GAAAAAAAH

      I had a whole lot of old PC games down the bottom that, I'm pretty sure are good, but I never played.

        I glazed over when JRPGs came along and misclicked once, leading to Journey being 3rd instead of 1st.

        The games on the list look like the sort you'd see in a GameFAQs top 200 poll.

          A JRPG came first & third on mine :D

          PSX dominates followed by SNES & a sprinkling of everything else.

            I assume everything else is Pokemon :p

              Well Pokemon DID dominate mine. How could it not? *hugs his plush Pikachu shutup I'm not 30 until next year...*

    It's a shame there isn't as much games on there (hah!). I have some favourites that should be in my own top ten that just aren't there for selection. ANYWAYS, These games are somewhere in my all-time favourites, they'll always hold a special place somewhere in my heart for the countless hours I've spent in them and vivid memories I have of them, from years since their release, till now. This was fun to use :)

    1 Halo 3
    2 Halo: Combat Evolved
    3 Skyrim
    4 Fallout: New Vegas
    4 Borderlands 2
    6 Minecraft
    7 Portal 2
    8 Dragon Age: Origins
    9 Grand Theft Auto V
    10 Team Fortress 2

    My list is different, THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!!

    28: Xenoblade vs DKC2. Wow, guy.

    215: SMB3 vs SMW. The eternal battle.

    Wondering how bad the inconsistencies are screwing things up as I go along. Up to battle 353, 89% sorted.

      Huh, done already.

      1 Super Mario 64
      2 Metroid Prime
      3 Super Mario Bros. 3
      4 Super Mario World
      5 Resident Evil 4
      6 Paper Mario: TYD
      7 Paper Mario
      8 Super Metroid
      9 Perfect Dark
      10 Splatoon
      11 Zelda: The Wind Waker
      12 Smash Bros. Wii U
      13 Smash Bros. Melee
      14 Bayonetta 2
      15 GoldenEye 007
      16 DK Country 2
      17 Zelda: Majora's Mask
      18 Banjo-Kazooie
      19 Zelda: A Link to the Past
      20 Okami
      21 Xenoblade Chronicles
      22 Shovel Knight
      23 Pokemon X/Y
      24 Zelda: Ocarina of Time
      25 Monster Hunter 4U
      26 Super Mario Galaxy
      27 Tetris
      28 Phoenix Wright
      29 Zelda: Twilight Princess
      30 Pokemon Red/Blue
      31 Super Mario Galaxy 2
      32 Mario Kart 8
      33 Starcraft
      34 Cave Story
      35 Skies of Arcadia
      35 Persona 4
      35 999
      38 Resident Evil
      39 Super Mario Maker
      40 Pokemon Gold/Silver
      41 Age of Empires II
      42 Minecraft
      43 Halo: Combat Evolved

      Wait how in the hell did Persona 4 and 999 end up so high, I never clicked on them at all :/
      Otherwise, pretty reasonable I guess.

        It's easy to spot the Nintendo gamers :-P

          Because they have the good games up at the top of their list :P

            My question is how Pokemon X/Y end up higher than Blue/Red!?!?! :P

              A very good question.

              I don't know what the answer is, but I can only presume it's "Hawlucha!"

    1 The Witcher 3
    2 Pokemon Red/Blue
    2 Diablo II
    4 Dark Souls
    4 Bloodborne
    6 Grand Theft Auto V
    7 Red Dead Redemption
    8 Dragon Age: Origins
    9 Assassin's Creed II
    10 Oblivion
    11 Age of Empires II
    12 GTA: San Andreas
    12 World of Warcraft
    14 Final Fantasy VII
    15 Skyrim
    16 Pokemon Gold/Silver
    17 Fallout 3
    18 Demon's Souls
    19 Perfect Dark
    20 Fallout: New Vegas

    Rank Game
    1 Persona 4 Golden: Rise Best Girl Edition.
    2 Mass Effect 3
    3 Borderlands 2
    3 Mass Effect 2
    5 Bloodborne
    6 Final Fantasy VII
    7 The Last of Us
    8 Persona 3
    9 Journey
    10 Valkyria Chronicles
    11 Civilization V
    12 Fire Emblem: Awakening
    13 The Witcher 3
    14 Red Dead Redemption
    15 Demon's Souls
    16 Okami
    17 Virtue's Last Reward
    18 Starcraft
    19 Assassin's Creed II
    20 Mass Effect

    I feel pretty happy with that list. Persona 4 Golden is just a masterpiece of JRPG goodness. I never got a direct ME2 vs ME3 choice, but I think I'm happy, considering the awesome multiplayer that ME3 had (plus the Citadel DLC was delicious). Borderlands 2 I got burned out on, but I had to acknowledge the many many hours of zany fun it gave me. Bloodborne for me is the best Souls game.

    Disappointed some games weren't on the list, like FFXIII, Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 2nd, The Last Ninja etc.

    1 Baldur's Gate II
    2 Mass Effect 2
    3 Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    4 Zelda: A Link to the Past
    5 Mass Effect
    6 Dragon Age: Origins
    7 Mass Effect 3
    8 Red Dead Redemption
    9 Fallout 3
    9 World of Warcraft
    11 Planescape: Torment
    12 Assassin's Creed II
    13 Star Wars: KOTOR
    14 Super Mario 64
    15 Grand Theft Auto V
    16 Skyrim
    17 Half-Life
    18 Fallout: New Vegas
    19 Portal 2
    20 Portal
    21 Metal Gear Solid
    22 Borderlands 2
    23 Chrono Trigger
    23 Ratchet & Clank 3
    25 The Witcher 3
    26 DK Country 2
    27 Call of Duty 4
    28 GTA: San Andreas
    29 Banjo-Kazooie
    30 Deus Ex

    Last edited 01/12/15 10:40 am

    Seems about right:

    1 Diablo II
    2 Super Metroid
    2 Starcraft
    4 Chrono Trigger
    5 Zelda: A Link to the Past
    6 Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    7 Super Mario 64
    8 Mega Man X
    9 Zelda: Majora's Mask
    10 GoldenEye 007

    Though to be honest of the top 10 it's hard to put any of them in front of another... I guess that's why this did it for me.

    Last edited 01/12/15 10:54 am

    I wonder if you could populate this list with your own selection of games. Would be neat to go through and fill out your personal collection.

    Also infinitely maddening.

    Shadow of the Colossus vs Team Fortress 2

    On one hand is a Video Game that I've only played from start to end once, but has made a lasting impression on me. On the other hand is a game that I pre-ordered the Orange Box specifically for and spent WAY too many hours on. YE GADS HOW DO YOU CHOOSE?!

      Hahaha, so the first question I got was Shadow of the Colossus vs Team Fortress 2. Now that I've finished the quiz, this is what I got:

      1 Final Fantasy VIII
      2 Chrono Trigger
      3 Final Fantasy VI
      4 Dark Souls
      5 Demon's Souls
      6 Metal Gear Solid
      7 Shadow of the Colossus
      7 Team Fortress 2
      9 Final Fantasy IV
      10 Valkyria Chronicles

      That's kinda funny :)

    1 World of Warcraft
    2 Morrowind
    2 Demon's Souls
    4 Skyrim
    5 Fallout 3
    6 Oblivion
    7 Monster Hunter 4U
    8 Bloodborne
    9 Dark Souls
    10 Diablo II
    11 Red Dead Redemption
    12 Fallout: New Vegas
    13 Fire Emblem: Awakening
    14 Star Wars: KOTOR
    15 Borderlands 2
    16 Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    16 Suikoden II
    18 Pokemon X/Y
    19 Shovel Knight
    20 The Witcher 3

    1 Dark Souls
    2 Half-Life 2
    3 Bloodborne
    4 World of Warcraft
    5 The Last of Us
    6 Portal 2
    7 Portal
    8 Metal Gear Solid
    9 GTA: Vice City
    10 Resident Evil 2
    11 Halo: Combat Evolved
    12 Warcraft III
    13 Grand Theft Auto V
    14 BioShock Infinite
    15 BioShock
    16 Diablo II
    17 GoldenEye 007
    18 Half-Life
    19 Journey
    20 Assassin's Creed II
    21 Fallout: New Vegas
    22 Resident Evil
    23 Call of Duty 4
    24 Destiny
    25 GTA: San Andreas
    26 Dragon Age: Origins
    27 Demon's Souls
    28 Halo 3
    29 Final Fantasy VIII
    30 Skyrim

    I scrolled up and down the article about 10 times trying to find that little 'click here' pink link.

      Same - even after I'd read your comment.

      Why can't links just be placed at the bottom of the article?
      Is it part of the game?

        Haha. For everyone else, the link is in the second paragraph. Its called 'here'.

    Pokemon X/Y or Wind Waker?
    Splatoon or Borderlands?

    F**k you.

    Last edited 01/12/15 11:29 am

    No Street Fighter 2!

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