Let’s Judge The Assassin’s Creed Movie Based On One New Image

Let’s Judge The Assassin’s Creed Movie Based On One New Image

Over the weekend Entertainment Weekly posted a story about the upcoming Fassbender-fuelled Assassin’s Creed movie featuring the image above. The story was about — what does it matter? We’ve got everything we need to pass judgement right here. It’s easy! Just look at the image for a few seconds and then type out whatever immediately comes to mind. Some of you already did this for our very first look at Michael Fassbender in costume — let us know if anything has changed. I’ve been reading people’s comments over at imgur all day long, and they have got this down pat.

I’ll give you a few examples to get you started.

“This movie is going to be terrible.”

“Already hate it”

“As a major AC fan, this movie is going to fucking suck. Guaranteed.”

“Oh boy this is gone be just as bad as the Prince of Persia movie won’t it.”

Let’s Judge The Assassin’s Creed Movie Based On One New Image

Disapproving Chesty Jake appears courtesy of Kotaku’s past.

The expression on the guy on the right tells me he isn’t remotely engaged in acting. He’s just bored.”

“They both look so disappointed with how their acting career is going.”

“They’re already doing it wrong. Coloured robes? Seriously?!”

Let’s Judge The Assassin’s Creed Movie Based On One New Image

This is a white and gold assassin’s costume.

“Mocking Jay part 2 anyone…?”

“Here is a problem, I can tell by that image, the cast and imagery will suck horrible”

“Two white actors playing characters from the middle east” (Fassbender’s character is Spanish, but don’t let that stop you)

“I guess the eagle beak hood is not “film-friendly”. They wouldn’t just forget the eagle beak hood, right?”

Let’s Judge The Assassin’s Creed Movie Based On One New Image

So disappointed.

The Assassin’s Creed movie starring Michael Fassbender is slated for theatrical release in December of 2016. It’s gonna be a movie.


  • Fucking hell, just when I thought they’d sucked the franchise dry 4 game releases ago, they release a movie. In order for a movie to be interesting, does the source material not have to be interesting too?

  • I thought that image was photoshopped when I first saw it. The lighting on Fassbender’s face looks a little off. But maybe that was done by their PR people.

  • I’m just going to remind everyone of these giant fanboy fuckups… (Not exact comments but these were the general widespread sentiment).

    “Heath Ledger is a joke. They seriously think the 10 things I hate about you guy will make a good Joker LOL!”

    “Hah the guy from Wanted just got cast as Professor X. Hes gonna suck.”

    “Ugh a black storm trooper. He’ll fucking blow.”

    “HAHAHAHAA Ben Affleck as Batman AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh god.”

    “Will Smith as Mohammed Ali? HAHAHAHA!”

    “The human torch got cast as Captain America??? Bahaha!”

    “How the fuck can they turn Guardians Of The Galaxy into a good movie? It’s going to fucking suck.”

    “Daniel Craig? And theyre remaking Casino Royale? Really? Come on… they’ve ruined it already with the Layer C4ke guy.”

    Most of the time, most of the time, fanboys get it incredibly wrong. Infact you can usually use it as a guideline as to when something will be good. There’s a few exceptions to the rule, but they’re still rare as rockinghorse shit.

      • Indeed, and at one point comicbook movies were an outstanding joke too, they were seen as movies that barely turned a profit and noone truly took them seriously.

        Then the studios started getting their shit together.

        All that has to happen is people start getting their shit together with videogames and great movies can be made from them too. Right now, or previously at least, to compare, they were in their STEEL and CATWOMAN phase, hopefully, this, or another upcoming one, can push them into their BATMAN BEGINS/IRONMAN phase.

          • at its core, Assassins Creed was amazing (story wise up until and including Ezios line).
            im scared this will be a flop even though i really want it to be good.

            i actually like when they did prince of persia with Jake Gyllenhall, not sure if that is just me or other people too.

          • Indeed, I felt Connor was a misstep but Edward was a great correction in terms of even story. But, you’re right, Ezio was where it definitely peaked.

            But by god, I’d love them to do a tv series about Edward Kenway… you could easily just use Matt Ryan, given they modelled Edward off of him.

          • urgh, i havnt got into Black Flag yet. i bought it on disc ages ago, wen to install it the other day and then it still wanted to do 6 gig of updates, which failed about 10 times in a row. just going to have to let UPLAY do ALL the downloading.

            i just finished ass creed 3, i didnt mind it that much, i actually liked the whole native american inclusion and even though he was a bit 1Dimensional, i still liked Ratonhnhaké:ton.
            i am a bit of a sucker for Assassins creed games, but they are a lot of rinse and repeat these days.
            i have a friend who is a big batman game fan and his first ass creed was black flag, but still thought it lacked in comparison to batman. hes just come out saying that AC Syndicate is game of 2015 for him though. so i dont think ill even bother with unity or rogue and one day when its real cheap, just jump in to Syndicate.

            i feel if they did a series that followed Altair and Ezio, it could be amazingly epic.

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you. Exactly what I was thinking.
      While I still maintain some doubts about this film, I am not going to dismiss it based on one image alone.

      • Indeed, I’m not saying it will be good at all. It might be shit. But I’ll judge it on the final product not one still. That’s a fools errand.

        In sadder news, news just came in that Lemmy from Motorhead just died 🙁

    • I suspect that’s the point Mr Fahey is going for.

      It’s debatable whether it’s a point that needed to be made, but hey. It’s the week between Christmas and New Years. Can’t blame the guy for knocking out a quick article so he can go pour himself another glass of Cab-Sav.

    • People want to hate.

      The worst part is, they actively destroy the things that they would love. Never giving them a chance.

    • I get what you’re trying to say, but you’re wrong about people getting it wrong most of the time. You’re pointing to exceptions. One’s like Heath as Joker you could see at the time were dumb if you knew much of his work. Same with James McAvoy. They’re both very competent actors (well not Heath so much any more I guess). This was true with DiCaprio before them.

      Anyone who complained about a black storm trooper was dumb because there was no reason not to have one (given the new context). Compare this to a needlessly and awkwardly shoehorned in black character like in the new F4. That didn’t go so well.

      As to Daniel Craig and Will Smith. I don’t remember much of a complaint about either of them in those roles. Except from Ali himself who apparently told Smith “You ain’t pretty enough to play me anyway”.

      Again, I get what you’re saying and it applies to some things, but some things look like such balls from the start that it’s not just “fanboys” who are pretty sure they’re going to suck. Assassins dressed like Bollywood extras is not getting off to a good start for something that is already going to struggle not to be bad.

      • There was insurmountable fanboy rage on forums and the net in general to each of these. I think respectfully you missed the point…

        • There’s insurmountable fanboy rage to everything, which is the point. I get it. I’m just saying that this doesn’t mean it’s impossible to make judgements about movies before they arrive. With the examples you listed I was trying to point out why it was easy to see how dumb the comments were before needing to see the movie in question.

          You can’t say the same for the F4 remake, Topher Grace as Venom, Hayden Christensen as Anakin and countless others. Or do you really find that it’s impossible to make any form of judgement on a movie before actually seeing it?

          I was however, being silly with the comment about the Assassin’s Creed movie in question.

          • To make an informed judgement? Yes 100%. Thats why the term “judging a book by its cover” exists. Noone legitimately knew Topher would be bad, F4 people suspected and footage was not positive but thats happened before and the movie turned out good (antman). Sorry dude but its not going to sway me from the point that only a fool judges a book by its cover.

  • Let’s judge Mike Fahey based on one shitty half assed article.

    Just kidding, we can judge him on all of them. @weresmurf is right, fanboi rage is worthless for judging the quality of anything. The movie will probably suck purely because they haven’t seemed to figure out video game movies yet, but no one will know it until somebody can watch it.

  • Could we have a Battle of the Planets movie instead? Kids still remember Battle of the Planets, right?

  • As much as I love Michael Fassbender I doubt even his acting chops could elevate my interest in a video game movie, let alone my interest in a movie based on a series I dislike. No, I don’t think there’s ever really been a good video game movie (unless you count King of Kong or other documentaries, but I wouldn’t as I think the film needs to be based on the lore of the game not events surrounding its fandom) and I doubt that will change here.

  • I really liked AC2. Black Flag was great as well. Always thought the potential for a movie was there. So I look forward to this.

    Also, that Prince of Persia movie was actually pretty entertaining. I anticipate this to be a lot better. That how ever is a movie that just rang all the bells for the hate which clouded a lot of the nerdy internet masses from ever just watching it with out the view of hate.

  • I sincerely hope that the male actor will be killed off early in the film. Make the protagonist a sexy assassin who dresses in immaculate white clothing and has a deep voice.

  • Let’s Judge The Assassin’s Creed Movie Based On One New Image
    I hate it.

    Isn’t that what the internet is supposed to do in these situations?

  • The costumes here suggest cheap budget, also suggest cheap B movie. This is going to be about some normal guy jumping around being a idiot and looking very awkward at doing it. No assassins here…

  • I think I’m going to enjoy this movie a lot based on the fact that I have a weakness for really made-for-TV sci fi/fantasy. And this pic looks like it’s a Netflix preview screenshot for such a TV show

  • The outfits look a bit rustic for my liking. Even the trainee assassins in the games have elegant, laundered, starched, silk and linen robes. These look a bit like dyed hessian sacks. They also look a little grubby.

    OK, that may be more ‘historically accurate’, but Assassin’s Creed isn’t about historical accuracy – it’s about a pseudo-religious battle across the ages for control of the scientific wonders of a long-lost civilisation whose technology is largely indistinguishable from magic.

  • “Two white actors playing characters from the middle east” (Fassbender’s character is Spanish, but don’t let that stop you)

    ohhhh, snap!

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