Let’s Play Final Fantasy VII On PS4

Let’s Play Final Fantasy VII On PS4

The PC port of Final Fantasy VII came to PlayStation 4 today. Maybe we should play it? I’ll be streaming the seventh Final Fantasy for the next few hours, because why not?

Watch here, or come over to Twitch if you wanna hang out in the chat.


    • My guess is that for the nostalgia factor you will probably want both and this is coming from some one that thinks FFXII was really not that good. 😛

  • Never played any ff except for ff1 on psp, im struggling to decide on buying this. Its cheap but im not sure if this is a nostalgia game

    • I didn’t play FFVII for the first time until maybe 2007? I know that was a little while ago now but graphics and gameplay had already evolved a lot by that point and I still thoroughly enjoyed this game, I think it’s worth picking up and giving it a shot, especially at this price.

    • If you haven’t played FF7 then you definitely should – it is one of the best games of all time in my opinion. The trailer for the remake looks amazing though!

    • Nah, look at the fan reactions from last year’s E3 when the port was announced to this year’s E3 when the remake was announced.

    • Have a look at the trailer for the remake – it looks amazing!

      I think it’s a good call because this way they can see if people buy the game because of the remake, as otherwise it might just have been people buying it for nostalgia if their ps1 no longer works!

  • How does it hold up by today’s standards? I’m nervous playing some of the games I loved as a kid…

    • I replay it every 5 years or so, rotating between 7, 8, 9 and 12 and while it’s definitely a product of it’s time, it really is still an amazing game. FF9 is probably the only numbered FF title that seems to get better with age though.

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