Level Up Your Vagina With Video Games

A few months ago, I tested a pelvic floor muscles strengthening tool in a quest for earth-shattering orgasms (for science, of course). Lying in bed, staring at my ceiling while concentrating on squeezing my pelvic muscles with a giant piece of plastic up my hoo-ha isn't exactly fun so I quickly gave up on it. But Elvie, a discreet toy that gamifies vaginal exercises, does look like a better option.

For some women, having weak pelvic floor muscles comes with a few unpleasant side effects, one of which is the inability to enjoy sex as much. Ageing, child birth, and prolonged inactivity are all causes for weakened muscles down there. Even if you don't have that problem, bulking up those muscles can make sex even better. You can do exercises to strengthen them but considering most people can barely find time to go to the gym, who has time to do vagina workouts?

Enter Elvie, a reasonably small silicone vaginal insert that can sync with your mobile phone. Judging from the promotional video, the creators of Elvie sees women using the device anywhere. At work, at home or on a date. It syncs up to an app that has a few minigames that involves clenching and relaxing your vagina muscles. You can set your vajayjay to beat high scores, do speed challenges (vagina speed runs?) if you're feeling competitive.

Elvie is able to give you feedback on how well you're doing the exercises and - get this - even correct your squeezing technique. Oh, the times we live in!

You can find out more about the Elvie, which sells for US$199, over on its official website.


    oook .... I can sort of see how this might relate to game news ... (read the article before watching the video)

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      I've read too much Pratchett, I thought you were doing Librarian impersonations. Is the silicon insert is banana shaped?

    what the fuck. did this end up on the wrong site? worse, too - almost feels like sponsored content.

      now that you say about it feeling like sponsored content, I'm seeing it like that now as well.

      ah I do love when gamers show they have no sense of humour and/or just narrow in their focus "just show us games dude, we just want games" sure its only slightly related to games/tech but come on there is something mildly amusing/intereting about seeing this. especially with how the ad was

    Why are the used versions coming up for 5 times the price on Amazon... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

      I wish I were more surprised at this.

      Goddammit, humans.

    The perfect gift for this holiday season!


    Gamergate happens and now we get all of these games pandering to women...

    When will men get a kegel game? Huh?! We're people too, goddamn it!

      https://www.thighmaster.com/ -- to maximise your manspreading power.

      Just for you


        Just a headsup, people. That's not a worksafe link.

          Apologies, although this article should probably be semi nsfw in the first place anyway.

            Yeah fair call. My office is pretty laid back, but not THAT laid back.

    Seems like a pretty legit tool. Dunno if it'll really work though, there's been plenty of other fitness tools that are meant to fit around current lifestyles that only end up at the back of the draw after a week or two. Then again, Fitbit managed to do pretty well by gamifying normal workouts, no reason why this would be any different. Maybe the "have better sex" tag line will cause people to commit to it.

    I guess I shouldn't be surprised at the comments to this. Haw haw haw outrage blasphemy... Guys, relax, it's perfectly legit. Who doesn't want better orgasms (dude or chick?)

      Those exercises can be hard to do and they're really essential for most women. Prolapse and incontinence from a weak pelvic floor are a real thing for a lot of women (even if you haven't had kids) and at best are inconvenient, and worst, require surgery to fix. To be honest, that people are not only having the discussion, but coming up with new ideas to help solve the problem is fantastic.

    $199... Bit rich for my household. The wife will need to stick with the HB pencil.

    so are you doing a follow up article about elvie @spandaslui ?

      Actually, yes. Only for Lifehacker, though. So everybody here on Kotaku can relax :P

        I appreciate you cross-linking this in the first place. It's nice to have some recognition, however brief it may be, that gaming is not an exclusive boys-only club.

        Not that you'd know it given the rest of the comments here -_-

    Told my wife if you dont use it you lose it now I have proof. I wonder if I could use this in my but hole.

    That's one of the best promotional videos for a product of seen in a long time and perfect for Star Wars season.

    Since some of you are struggling to wrap your heads around why an article about something that doesn't include those with a penis is on here, let me spell this out for you: it's a MINI-GAME. Emphasis on the game part.

    But don't feel too left out (by the sole article on this site, ever, that doesn't pander to you). I'm sure you guys have an orifice somewhere that could suffice to play this game.

    [But seriously guys, c'mon... this isn't kotaku US. You're all better than these comments suggest.]

      a) happy for this to be on here, it's a loose nerd link but a link nonetheless
      b) funny how something like this is cool and forward thinking but a fleshlight that some dude goes to town on to earn achievements would make him a seedbag.

        I don't know about that. I feel like the same people judging the Elvie would judge a fleshlight.

    Not going to lie, I checked out this article because I am a perv.
    But damn, the comments made me laugh.

    Hello Muddah
    Hello Fadduh
    Here I was just
    browsing Kotakuh
    I usually
    read about videogames here
    but I think this is also valid content so please don't think I was having a leer

    How long until someone hacks this and uses it as a controller to beat dark souls with their vagina or butthole?

    You guys complain but this was a superb gaming article in the way that many others at Kotaku fail:

    -It starts with an intriguing personal story
    -It describes the game's hardware and software and explains the gameplay options
    -It provides its cost and a hyperlink to the official website/buying page

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