Life Is Hard When You're The Worst Tetris Block

Let's be real here — you're playing Tetris. You're waiting for that block. That straight line block. You're gonna get that Tetris, you've worked hard for it. You've waited a long time for this moment.

The one of those goddamn blocks come — you know the type. Two layers of two, offset. Screwing up your plans. Goddamnit.

But have you ever thought about what it's like to be that Tetris block? How it feels to be unwanted? To not fit in anywhere. Have some goddamn compassion you monsters.


    Poor S and Z blocks. They get so much unwarranted hat. You know what block can die in a fire? The O block. Every time you've masterfully crafted a nice little pile of bricks, the O block shows up to remind you that there aren't any flat surfaces. What a dick.

    I went into this with the expectation of lulz, left with unwanted feels.

    The champagne at the end and their disappointment... D':

    No, fuck S and Z. Fuck them AND square-block. Pack of assholes.

    Tetris eugenics time. Nothing but straight-line blocks.
    ...Nope, comin' up empty on a tasteful joke here.

    Last edited 08/12/15 6:18 pm

      God forbid anyone should ever post something... distasteful... on the internet.

    ......I realise I must have serious issues when I can relate to this to the point where it triggers an emotional reaction where I feel sad and sorry for the shit piece!!! Omg I seriously need therapy. Haha

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