Look At This Boba Fett Controller 

Look At This Boba Fett Controller 

There was an official Star Wars console released this year. It was…not great. Much better is this unofficial, custom-made Boba Fett effort for the Xbox One by Devin Smith.

It’s just…perfect. Not just the colours, but the wear & tear, digital counter and canvas “underwear” as well.

This isn’t for general sale, but if you want to annoy Devin about it, you can check out more of his work here.


  • That is a damn fine effort. Extra credit for the canvas under layer. It makes it look so much more like armour when compared to the crappy official skin/decals efforts that look cheap and nasty.
    A Fallout power armour inspired design would work too. Hell any armour regardless of franchise would. Probably a nightmare to get permission though. 10 out of 10.Would buy.

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