Look At This Fallout 4 Figure

Look At This Fallout 4 Figure

3A, makers of fine, large and expensive adult collectibles, is working on a Fallout 4 action figure. And it’s fantastic.

See how he’s wearing power armour? And how it looks good, but not amazing? Well, the power armour can be removed, piece by piece, revealing not just the frame, but a Vault jumpsuit as well.

Incredible. No word on a release date or price.

While I’ve got you and we’re talking 3A, remember that killer Destiny Titan figure they released last year? Looks like the Warlock is next.

All these images come courtesy of ToyArk, and were snapped at Toy Soul 2015, which went down in Hong Kong over the weekend.


  • Its amazing seeing the difference in detail between figurines from the 90s and before vs stuff like this. The artists havent got better, just the technology that allows them to express their visions has.

  • I bought from 3A the Master Chief figure, which was delayed for at least one quarter.
    It was a piece of shit … expensive, piece of shit. I hope like hell the Fallout 4 release it’s not using the same frame and materials.

    Thankfully I was able to get a refund a month after I sent the Chief back to Hong Kong. Never buying from them ever again.

    • I heard that a good handful of Master Chiefs were… Shall we say ‘not up to par’ (Including ludicrous things like hands not being able to hold the weapons.)

      Whether that was a batch problem or what… I’m kinda weary about them, moreso now that they’re doing a run of G1 Transformers. (Masterpiece Megatron sucks. I need something a little nicer than stick-hips for display)

      • Sure was.

        My Chief’s right hand’s middle finger didn’t bend, so he was permanently flipping the bird.
        The magnets on the weapons weren’t strong enough to attach to his back, paint fell off and even his chestplate was warped and not symmetrical – I had a long list of defects when I sent it back for a refund. For the amount I paid for it I expected quality instead that heap of garbage.

        In saying that, the series 1 of their Transformers (Bumblebee, Prime) looked impressive and were actually treated with a bit more respect and QA was much better.

  • that is just batshit insane, and such an extravagant luxury that its basically pointless

    that said oh i want it badly

  • It’s a good thing destiny have a 10 year plan, as it will take 3A that long to release figurines of the three character classes. The Titan wasn’t released early this year it was announced for pre-order with deliver expected “first quarter 2016”. Not complaining, just saying. (And yes, I did pre-order the Titan, it will make a nice companion for my 3Zero Tyrion Lanister).

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