Microsoft Has Created A Nifty Little Year In Review Page To Check Your Stats

Microsoft Has Created A Nifty Little Year In Review Page To Check Your Stats

Microsoft has created a nifty little Year in Review page for Xbox One and 360 gamers to check out their stats for 2015. Make sure you’re logged in to your Xbox Live account and hit up the page to see how you rank. Then share your findings here!

Head over to the review page here.


  • 6819 hours?? That’s insane!

    Cannot believe I was feeling pretty proud of my 895 hours.

    Another interesting thing I noticed in my stats is that my most played game is Black Flag – a game I found so boring at the start that I abandoned it and came back to it months later. Guess I loved it after all.

    • Mine was Ground Zeroes – literally didn’t move from the the place you are standing when you first start the game. All I saw was cutscenes. Don’t know how that happened lol

    • 6819 Hours has to be a typo that works out to like 18hrs a day that’s a crap load of game time.

      • Was gonna say the same thing. Mine worked out to roughly 5 hours a day. I wonder if it includes apps like Netflix? My girlfriend is on that constantly haha.

        • It’s any time you’re connected to XBL. Netflix counts. So does just leaving your Xbone on.

  • I spent 1922 hours on xbox live, equal to 80 days
    and that places me in the 1% apparently, along with my gamerscore and achievements :3

  • Yeah.. I’m calling shenanigans. 284 days out of 365. I’d love someone to correct my maths, but that is around 78% of the year. That leaves about 5 hours a day not using xbox.
    Maybe its just a connection statistic.

    • I can’t believe you’ve managed to achieve such high esteem! I am purely amazed and in awe of your accomplishments sir/madam!

  • This just made me depressed, like when I used to type /played on WOW. 84 days playing games (2030 hours). Top 1% gamerscore, top 5% hours. I was surprised my most played game was dragon age and not witcher, felt like I played more witcher.

    Im guessing the stats are slightly wonky and likely include games left idle or even when you turn off your xbox but the game is still “loaded”

  • “In 2015 you spent 38 hours on Xbox Live”
    “On average, the community spent 368 hours on Xbox Live”
    “Your gaming hours put you in the top 25%”

    Are they counting everyone that has an inactive account in that last stat or what?

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