Nailed It, Just Cause 3

Nailed It, Just Cause 3

Briefly: Doing a really outstanding stunt in a game where even the most basic ones involve multiple vehicles and buildings? Sounds tough! Bur lesi20 was able pull it off and hijack a car in the most outstanding way possible.

It took him a couple of tries, but worth it. The full stunt is amazing:


    what even is the point of the gif?

      Aye, the gif shows 4/5ths of the actual video it seems. You also don't see what started this event, or the outcome or objective, apart from doing something difficult / lucky / bugged.

      So... umm... why? Why is this video being highlighted?

        yuuuup there is that as well, I so wanted to see the start of this, where they've caused the train to fall down the hill.

    A short gif of a longer gif of a video that isn't even linked. Kotaku editors you are strange sometimes...

    Last edited 13/12/15 11:26 am

    Watched the video for far too many "attempts" at this stunt before realizing it was just the same 5 second gif over and over. I honestly thought they were trying to get the car to either land smoothly / parallel to direction, or to complete the jacking before hitting the ground. But now I'm not really sure what the goal of this was at all.

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