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Video: It’s OK to get excited about next week. Just…be real about it.


  • To give credit to Phantom Menace… that fight between Qui Gon, Obi Wan and Darth Maul was pretty good… but dat Jar Jar… those gungans… comical droid army… and dat young cocky Anakin. The cringe is real people.

    • Yeah, the droid army, I can suspend my disbelief pretty far when it comes to movies, but not that far. When in the history of warfare has anyone ever said to themselves, “You know what we could use more of in our soldiers? Wackiness”? Outside of TV comedies, anyway. It was amusing in Blackadder Goes Forth, but get the fuck out of Star Wars.

      • I agree that wackiness in soldiers is not what we were looking for in the Star Wars prequels, but let’s not pretend that George was perfect during the original trilogy. Do you remember the battle for Endor? The Ewoks were the precursor to the Gungans, the Stormtroopers were the precursor to the Confederation droid army. Both battles were a series of colossal failures on both sides that eventually led to one team winning over the other (for the purpose of driving a narrative that simply doesn’t make sense in any other way).

    • I used to think the same, but I’m not so sure about the fight scenes anymore. They get more ridiculous with each prequel and it doesn’t even look like they’re trying to hit each other and they end up looking like ballet dancers.

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