New Zelda Statue Captures The Princess In Her Most Disturbing Moment

New Zelda Statue Captures The Princess In Her Most Disturbing Moment

Announced just in time to capitalise on the upcoming Wii U port of Twilight Princess, First 4 Figures presents a 38cm tall statue of Puppet Zelda. She’s the worst. Also the best.

Twilight Princess spoilers follow. Also why haven’t you played Twilight Princess yet? Was it because of that long-arse opening?

Oh thank goodness, we’re almost at the end. We’ve found the princess! Now it’s time to fight Ganondorf and…wait, what? What’s he doing to Zelda? Nooooooo!

In a twist most foul, the evil Ganon animates the Princess using dark magic and transforms her into one of the many stages of the final battle in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Her skin changes colours. Those creepy lines appear. She floats. She fires bolts of magic from her sword. She is great and terrible. I’ve never been more attracted to her.

The First 4 Figures Puppet Zelda, due out in Q3 of 2016, is part of the same line that produced the outstanding 23 inch tall Ganondorf a couple of years back, so expect a ton of detail, excellent paint work and a hefty weight. It will be an excellent companion piece to her dark master.

No silly light-up gimmicks here. Just the creepiest version of Zelda, beckoning to Link with that evil look in her eye.

So what’s the damage? Puppet Zelda runs $486, with an instalment plan available over at her official page. Having gotten up close and personal with the Ganondorf from the series, it’s a fair price for what you should get. This time around they’re giving it a couple of weeks (to gauge interest perhaps) before announcing the run number, but I expect it to be pretty low.

I’m considering it. I’m not a massive fan of Zelda as a character, but this version…this I like.


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