Japan Is Re-Releasing Pokemon's Original Starter Pack

Briefly: Next year is Pokémon's 20th anniversary. To mark the event, the card game's first starter pack is getting a re-release. Originally, the card game first went on sale in October 1996, and this reissue will be out next February in Japan for 1300 yen ($14).


    Wonder if that'd make them tournament legal.

      Why? It would lose to any modern deck as they changed the balance making newer sets more powerful, possibly when Pokemon Company took over from Wizards of the Coast.

    I remember getting a foil Charizard from that back in the day. Ended up losing it, which is a shame. I'd imagine it would have been somewhat valuable now.

      Around $179, though I'm mostly only using Google... there's actually one priced at $1500USD, hahah.

      It really depends on which batch it came from.
      Pretty sure the most valuable are first edition, shadow-less, holographic.

    Thanks for reminding me that 1996 was twenty years ago. I'm now feeling older than I wanted too.

    Will have to get a friend in Japan to pick one up for me.

    No, sorry, this is unconfirmed yet, nobody knows what's in these packs aside the original designs being used.

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