Japan Is Re-Releasing Pokemon’s Original Starter Pack

Japan Is Re-Releasing Pokemon’s Original Starter Pack

Briefly: Next year is Pokémon‘s 20th anniversary. To mark the event, the card game’s first starter pack is getting a re-release. Originally, the card game first went on sale in October 1996, and this reissue will be out next February in Japan for 1300 yen ($14).


    • Why? It would lose to any modern deck as they changed the balance making newer sets more powerful, possibly when Pokemon Company took over from Wizards of the Coast.

  • I remember getting a foil Charizard from that back in the day. Ended up losing it, which is a shame. I’d imagine it would have been somewhat valuable now.

    • It really depends on which batch it came from.
      Pretty sure the most valuable are first edition, shadow-less, holographic.

  • No, sorry, this is unconfirmed yet, nobody knows what’s in these packs aside the original designs being used.

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