Night Dive’s Remaster Of Turok Looks Completely Serviceable

When Turok first launched on Nintendo 64 in 1997 the game was hailed for its graphical mastery. I remember the amount of money you had to shell out for a decent 3D accelerator on PC just so you could get it going — it required quite the hefty rig. But once you got going, good God did it look good.

Night Dive, the studio that owns the rights to the System Shock series and has remastered or re-released a string of classics, is currently putting a fresh coat of paint on Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. And, well, it looks like a game from the 1990’s.

The studio posted three screenshots on their Facebook wall earlier this morning. “Here’s a sneak peek at our upcoming Turok remaster,” they said, less than a day after they publicly asked fans what updates they wanted to see.

One of the three screenshots is featured above, while you can enjoy the other two below.

Nothing says 90’s FPS like a shotgun

Or a chaingun

The original Turok borrowed a little from Hexen by having players return to a hub world in their search for the Chronoscepter, and it’ll be interesting to see if Night Dive makes any tweaks to the actual structure of the game.

What immediately stands out to me from the screenshots, however, is how ancient the game still looks. It almost resembles a bullshot from the 1990’s — there’s nothing particularly sharp about the textures, the environments look a little muddy and the models flat. Completely serviceable, but nothing special either.

I’m one of the few people who still thinks Turok is remembered with far more angst than it deserves, but that’s largely because people remember the dreary 360 and PS3 title from 2008. It’s not though the original PC/N64 title was anything particularly magical — it certainly didn’t hold a candle to Quake or Quake 2 — but it was at least fun.

What do you remember about the original Turok — and what were your memories like of the PS3/360 game?

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