No, Disney Infinity Is Not Spoiling Star Wars Episode VIII Secrets

No, Disney Infinity Is Not Spoiling Star Wars Episode VIII Secrets

Yesterday saw some Star Wars excitement as a video circulated suggesting one of The Force Awakens‘ biggest unanswered questions was actually answered in Disney Infinity‘s movie play set. Nah. Didn’t happen.


Here’s a clip (via YouTube’s Frank Furtado) from the video that started this whole mess. Once you hit play, there’s no escaping spoiler territory.

This is a clip from a video of one of Disney Infinity The Force Awakens‘ final battles. It was originally posted to YouTube by Angry Joe, who at first heard what you may have heard — “Face me, Cousin!” Fans have been speculating about the lineage of the Force-sensitive female lead Rey since was introduced in early trailers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Since we learn in the movie that Kylo Ren is the son of Han Solo and Princess Leia, Ren calling Rey “cousin” would make her Luke Skywalker’s daughter!

Only he doesn’t call her “cousin.” As Angry Joe later realised, hence the removal of his video, is that what Kylo Ren is saying is “Face me!”, which is quickly interrupted by “Curses!” when he suffers damage.

Case closed! We can all go home — oh wait, Twitter is still talking about it. Sites have posted about it. People wanting to believe the Disney Infinity folks could be so boneheaded are saying that no, he definitely says “cousin” and that “Face me, curses!” makes no sense.

I won’t post their tweets, because I don’t want their misguided little faces to be all sad.

OK, just one or two. I’ll be discreet.

Some people just hear it, which happens.

Some reject the idea of “curses” completely.

And some people are just making shit up.

I’ve been reading them all day and getting frustrated. Frustrated enough to capture footage and make a short video on my day off.

That should clear everything up. Or suddenly have people thinking every character capable of being used in the play set is Kylo Ren’s cousin. Share it with your friends. I’m going to go have a Christmas now!


  • When you cite a source, you are “citing” not “siting”. 🙂 (From the second video)

    Call me a grammar nazi, but a professional writer should know the difference.

  • Mike, you spelt “citing” wrong … Sorry, bug bear of mine (along with loosing instead of losing), I’m not a full on spelling-nazi, I swear

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