Nominate Your Favourite PC Games Of The Year

Nominate Your Favourite PC Games Of The Year

It’s been a strong year for PC gaming. PC exclusives have been in great supply, console ports have been super good, and multi-platform games have been strongest on PC. All-in-all it’s a good time to be part of the PC master race (barfs uncontrollably).

But what have been your favourite games on PC this year?

I’m going to try and limit my nominations to exclusive PC games, or games that were released first on PC but feel free to go nuts with multi-platform nominations…

— Her Story
— Expand
— Grow Home

Drop your nominations in the comments below and we’ll put it to a vote next week!


    • Though Her Story makes a really strong case from the set of PC exclusives. It may even steal myvote. Maybe.

  • Grow Home was cool. Think that might be all I’ve played this year. Though I’ve heard good things about Undertale.

    …pre-emptive vote for Elite Dangerous: Horizons? 😛

      • Rocket League was released at about the same time on PC and PS4, breaking the stated rule that the PC release had to come first; essentially, it was not a PC exclusive.

        Grow Home, on the other hand, was released on PC some months before it was released on PS4.

  • Shadowrun Hong Kong
    Pillars of Eternity
    And if we can include DLC/Expansions, than definitely BOI: Afterbirth

    • I think its the obvious choice and surprised at the lack of comments about it. Decent launch with tech wise for both console and PC, epic amount of content at launch, outstanding DLC regarded as some of the best DLC ever seen for a game in terms of content and value… and support out of this world with epic patches still being brought to gamers,

      Honestly even though I personally liked some games more its no contest for me who deserves the tittle of GOTY. The Witcher 3 has almost set the bar in all aspects of a game. Art, content/story, value, DLC, sound, design, support…

  • GOTY:
    Pillars of Eternity
    GTA: V

    Hopeful Dreams Shattered Upon The Hard Rock of Release:
    Fallout 4

  • Fallout 4 is the most fun I have had on my PC for a while. I keep going back for more, and for me that’s a good sign for a single player release.

    It’s multiplatform, this is true, but surely the extra frames count for something? 😀

    • Same here. My usual game process is the initial surge of excitement, generally let down around the 10-12 hour mark when the games tend to become more of a grind and less of a pleasure. Thats the tipping point for me personally, and if I get past that I usually spend plenty of time on a game. I call it the TDHAFT syndrome.

      I havent gotten past that for a while, except for FO4, Destiny TKK on the PS4, and Skyforge which is a FTP MMO.

      But 50 hours into FO4 and I still look forwards to turning it on when I get home. So much entertainment, so many slaves to co-ordinate.

  • Shadowrun Hong Kong

    Tabletop Simulator.

    Only two PC games that kept me playing although I don’t know if TS counts since it’s a bunch of other games but still, nomming.

  • Witcher 3 overtook my life for a couple of glorious months this year. It wasn’t until I started Life Is Strange that I could get into another game.

  • MGS:V
    StarCraft 2: LotV

    It’s easy when they’re pretty much the only (new) games I’ve played all that much this year but they are both incredible and deserve a nomination.

  • Dying Light
    Fallout 4
    Tales from the Borderlands: 1st episode released November 25, 2014 and the rest in 2015, so I count it as this year.

  • If we’re just talking PC exclusives:

    Her Story
    Cities Skylines

    As for Grow Home, I don’t understand the love for this game. I found this to be one of the most annoying games to control that I’ve played in 20 odd years. Floaty and frustrating. Really don’t see what people liked about it (and many did), save for the aesthetic.

    • I agree, Grow Home felt like a tech demo for something that would be so much better after two years more development. Haha!

    • Agree with you on Dying Light. Was a struggle for the first hour but once I started unlocking skills, it easily surpassed both Dead Islands together.

  • Looking back through my Steam purchase history, I’ve only bought and played two _released_ PC exclusives in 2015. And to be honest, neither of them are the overall GOTY, but I wanted to include them.

    Then there’s a bunch of ongoing Early Access titles, but since they aren’t “released” I won’t count them. None of them really count as “Game of the Year” yet either. Then there’s some great PC exclusive games that I just haven’t even had time to look at yet.

    So, sorry.. but I’m going to have to include some cross platform titles, because these are my GOTY.

    Fallout 4
    Dragon Age Inquisition (if it wasn’t counted in last years candidates.. it released late in the year).
    Pillars of Eternity.
    Windward (surprisingly enjoyable, there’s got to be some category where it’s GOTY.. best sailing ship game of the year?).

  • SOMA

    That last spot was equally tied with SOMA but narrowly edged it out.

    You don’t know harrowing until you change into your deep-sea suit in SOMA.


  • Undertale
    Pillars of Eternity
    The Beginners Guide
    Rocket League
    Cities: Skylines

    If I had to pick only one, it’d hands down be Undertale, but every other game on that list has been God damn fantastic. Probably my top 5 games for the year, yes, beating out Witcher, Fallout, and MGSV.

  • Undertale. It’s my favourite story of the year, It’s my favourite soundtrack of the year, it had my favourite moments of the year, it had my favourite boss fights of the year, it’s my favourite game of the year.

  • My list of new releases played this year is small but its gotta be Megaman Legacy. Maybe if I had played Oli and the Blind Forest, Undertale or Odallus then my goty would be different.

  • My nomination is StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void for sure. Haven’t played much else that’s new this year though.

  • 1: Witcher 3 + Hearts of Stone
    2: Fallout 4
    3: Pillars of Eternity

    Damn, I don’t think I played any other 2015 releases. Enjoyed some fantastic games from previous years in my backlog.

  • I guess it’s boring to just say Witcher 3 for every platform it’s on, even though it deserves it. Off the top of my head:

    Duck Game
    Legacy of the Void
    Ori and the Blind Forest

    Funny how I don’t want to nom the game I’ve spent by far the most time in: HOTS.

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