Nominate Your Favourite PC Games Of The Year

It's been a strong year for PC gaming. PC exclusives have been in great supply, console ports have been super good, and multi-platform games have been strongest on PC. All-in-all it's a good time to be part of the PC master race (barfs uncontrollably).

But what have been your favourite games on PC this year?

I'm going to try and limit my nominations to exclusive PC games, or games that were released first on PC but feel free to go nuts with multi-platform nominations...

— Her Story — Expand — Grow Home

Drop your nominations in the comments below and we'll put it to a vote next week!


    Anna's Quest
    Pillars of Eternity
    Life is Strange

    Invisible Inc.
    Seriously, I can't sing it's praises enough.

      Though Her Story makes a really strong case from the set of PC exclusives. It may even steal myvote. Maybe.

    Grow Home was cool. Think that might be all I've played this year. Though I've heard good things about Undertale.

    ...pre-emptive vote for Elite Dangerous: Horizons? :P

    life is strange!!

    The Beginners Guide
    Rocket League

      Thoroughly surprised Mark didn't nominate Rocket League. Is the love affair over?

        Rocket League was released at about the same time on PC and PS4, breaking the stated rule that the PC release had to come first; essentially, it was not a PC exclusive.

        Grow Home, on the other hand, was released on PC some months before it was released on PS4.

    The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth has to get my vote.

    Invisible Inc. is really good but i really can't go past the obvious Fallout 4 at this point

    World Of Battleships
    GTA 5

    nerd nomination: hacknet

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    Shadowrun Hong Kong
    Pillars of Eternity
    And if we can include DLC/Expansions, than definitely BOI: Afterbirth


    Witcher 3.

      I think its the obvious choice and surprised at the lack of comments about it. Decent launch with tech wise for both console and PC, epic amount of content at launch, outstanding DLC regarded as some of the best DLC ever seen for a game in terms of content and value... and support out of this world with epic patches still being brought to gamers,

      Honestly even though I personally liked some games more its no contest for me who deserves the tittle of GOTY. The Witcher 3 has almost set the bar in all aspects of a game. Art, content/story, value, DLC, sound, design, support...

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    Pillars of Eternity
    GTA: V

    Hopeful Dreams Shattered Upon The Hard Rock of Release:
    Fallout 4

      20 posts before FO4 gets a mention. Guess people must be busy playing it :)

    Dying Light... straight up best co-op game

    Fallout 4 is the most fun I have had on my PC for a while. I keep going back for more, and for me that's a good sign for a single player release.

    It's multiplatform, this is true, but surely the extra frames count for something? :D

      Same here. My usual game process is the initial surge of excitement, generally let down around the 10-12 hour mark when the games tend to become more of a grind and less of a pleasure. Thats the tipping point for me personally, and if I get past that I usually spend plenty of time on a game. I call it the TDHAFT syndrome.

      I havent gotten past that for a while, except for FO4, Destiny TKK on the PS4, and Skyforge which is a FTP MMO.

      But 50 hours into FO4 and I still look forwards to turning it on when I get home. So much entertainment, so many slaves to co-ordinate.

    Cities: Skylines

    Sad to say that's really the only PC title released this year that I've played.

    Shadowrun Hong Kong

    Tabletop Simulator.

    Only two PC games that kept me playing although I don't know if TS counts since it's a bunch of other games but still, nomming.

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