Nominate Your Overall Game Of The Year

Nominate Your Overall Game Of The Year

Okay, this is the big one. Time to drop your nominations for your overall favourite game of the year.

You know the drill: this week we’ll take your nominations, next week we’ll do a big vote, then the following week we’ll announce the winners.

Overall game of the year is hard. Yesterday we did console games of the year and I actually forgot a few of my favourites.

Here are some of my nominations for Game of the Year…

— Bloodborne
— Metal Gear Solid V
— Rocket League
— Splatoon
— Fallout 4
— Her Story
— Grow Home
— Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture
— Expand

Yeah, it’s been a good year for video games. Going to find it pretty difficult to choose my overall favourite

Drop your own nominations below.


  • Whilst it feels a little wrong to do so,fallout has provided me with the most addictive gaming experience of the year so it has to be
    Fallout 4

  • I want to say Fallout 4 but I won’t because it isn’t great. My award goes to Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious.

  • Splatoon,
    Xenoblade Chronicles X (Just assuming based on previews)
    Until Dawn,
    Rocket League
    Ori and the blind forrest
    Witcher 3 and

  • CS:GO for me.

    While Fallout 4 is amazing, ive not had the time to sink some real hours into it, and CS:Go is just the perfect time sink for me this year.

        • Game of the Year Awards are about games that came out this year though, when have they ever not been?

          • Why does it get your panties in a wad that my game of the year (Given that the article doesn’t specify 2015 GOTY) isn’t a game that was released this year? how does it affect you in any way?

          • ‘Nominate YOUR game of the Year’ would presumably mean your personal opinion. dnr is entitled to say CS:GO just as I can say DOTA 2. I was disappointed by Fallout 4, didn’t see much of The Witcher 3 and I’m kinda sad about the delay of many games. This year I spent FAR too many hours on DOTA and found a new love for esports so that’s my game of the year.

  • Life is Strange. Far from flawless, I know, but it captivated me from start to finish. Was the type of game I thought about long after playing. Something special. 🙂

  • Fallout 4 by default. It’s the only new game I played this year. And I have thoroughly enjoyed it, even with it’s deep flaws.

  • Fallout 4 — I’m impressed with how much I have done, but even better, what remains to be done — then there’s the mods…

  • Rocket League
    Fallout 4

    Also, I’m still playing Don Bradman Cricket 14 (released late 2014) which is the best cricket simulation I’ve ever played.

    • I didn’t play, but just because it seems to have evolved the most without abandoning what makes it what it is (a little passive-aggressive vomit for MGS V there).

      I think you’re right.

      But, since I haven’t actually played at all, Fallout 4.

    • This.

      While the other games are great, the Witcher 3 sets a new standard for what games can be.
      Without getting too ridiculous, it almost reminds me of Ocarina of Time in the way it distances itself from the other games of its type through pure scope and polish.

  • Fallout 4. Sure, it’s not perfect, but I love it. So many very late nights not caring that I need to get up early in the morning. Can’t remember another game that had it’s hooks so deep.

  • The Witcher 3 is a masterpiece and an easy pick for me in a top-quality field.

    To me it takes the bar for fantasy games and puts in above the pack in a way that only Ocarina of Time has done before. I love it that much.

  • Disgaea 5 as a personal choice although really I think I should say Splatoon as an overall game of the year. Although I lost interest in it after a few months, it represented a brave step forward for Nintendo and introduced a fresh (Hah!) new concept to the shooter space.

  • Splatoon and rocket league have eaten too much of my year, they’re both truly exceptional multiplayer games that came out of nowhere.

    In terms of single player experiences, I really liked witcher 3, but I’m hoping xenoblade knocks it off the top spot. I’ve been hyped for that game for years, and nothing I’ve read has turned me off it. It’s all of my anime mecha game fantasies come true.

  • Bloodborne
    The Witcher 3
    Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture

    I want to put MGS5 on there but it is still sitting untouched on my pile of shame 🙁

  • Out of that list, the only two I’ve played are Rocket League and MGSV…but in saying that, the only reason they are the only two games I’ve played from that list is because they’ve kept me going for so long. I’ve had a decent break from RL while I’ve been playing MGSV but have now come back to RL and am loving it once again.

    For me, MGSV would take Game of the Year, it’s huge, has plenty of missions to undertake, has plenty of weapons and gadgets to research and upgrade, looks beautiful and for the most part, allows you to play at your own pace…not to mention, play any way you want.

  • Witcher 3 will haft to be my pick followed after fallout 4 also while it has not been mentioned by anyone undertale would have to be the game that has interested me so far. The amount of effort toby put into it to create a rather deep an emotional peace of art just blew me away. If there is some sort of award for indie developers He deserves it in my opinion.

  • After playing 80 hours of Fallout4, my vote goes to ….. The Witcher3. Easily the best game i’ve played this year, perhaps ever.

  • Mario Maker, it takes a basic game and gives basic straight back to you…or complex…or frustrating….or ingenious….or amusing. It puts the imagination of some very talented people in the world and gives them an outlet for me to experience what they have made.
    Sure, sorting through the chaff is tiresome, but when that gold level comes up, you simply just appreciate just how wonderful some peoples minds really are.

  • I’m going to go against the norm and day batman arkham knight. I’d like to have put just cause 3 on here by the Xbox one version is a steaming hot mess and Can die in a fire

  • Witcher 3 for me as well. I am really enjoying Fallout 4 but I just think that W3 overall is the better game.

    Runner up for me is Rocket League.

  • Gotta say Bloodborne.

    I’m going to put stupid time into Fallout 4, but Bloodborne was the Dark Souls 2 I was waiting for. It’s just really bloody good in all the right ways. Every month or two I sit down to start playing it again and I’m immediately amazed at the controls and the combat system. It’s a masterpiece.

  • Metal Gear Solid V is my pick, no other games from this year have been able to keep me coming back, and despite the flaws I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    The only other game that came out this year that I regularly play and enjoy is Heavensward, but that’s an expansion, I don’t think it counts.

  • I consulted with the family and this is our list of nominees:

    Fallout 4
    Lego Dimensions
    Just Cause 3
    Dragonball Xenoverse
    Fallout Shelter
    Rocket League
    Transformers Devastation
    Dragonquest Heroes
    One Piece Pirate Warriors 3

  • It has been an incredible year for games but my clear favourite is Bloodborne. It would be followed by Fallout 4 and Ori and the Blind Forest.

  • Witcher 3 for overall game of the year, Dying Light for Sleeper hit of the year. fallout 4 while a very big upgrade over fallout 3 and Skyrim does not get Game of the year from me as its only just come out, however its my current game of the year for 2016

  • Feels odd to say its the GOTY but I’ll have to say Rocket League. It’s one of those special games that I can see myself still playing in another years time. In close second place is Bloodborne.

  • GOTY : Rocket League
    2nd : Bloodborne
    3rd : Witcher 3

    Unfortunately I wasn’t able to connect to Fallout 4 as much as I did with the other games in my list. Still a good game but not GOTY material imo.

  • It’s obviously The Witcher 3.

    Fallout 4 isn’t even a Fallout game. The side quests suck. Conversations suck. There are no other options to solve situations other than killing EVERYTHING.

  • Definitely Fallout 4. The world is just so interesting! I’m only 30 hours in but I’very only done about 4 quests into the main story. Just love walking around and finding new places and some of the quests are very unique and not just the run of the mill ‘go to location x to find item and return’.

  • Im in love with fallout 4 100+ hours and counting…but rocket league has my vote, innovative and creative while being addictive and fun.

  • Falllout 4….just good fun gets it over the line
    Witcher 3…truly amazing game in every aspect
    Rocket League…the little game that could

  • Everyone is going to pick MGSV and Fallout 4.
    But, really, it should be Rocket League. It was an impressive and surprise hit!.

  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

    Runners up
    Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin
    Batman Arkham Knight
    Star Wars Battlefront

  • Witcher 3. Honorable mention to Fallout 4 but if I’m honest after 50 hours it’s become a little tedious.

  • Can’t decide between Fallout 4 and Witcher 3.

    Hundreds of hours in both games so far and loved them both. So I’ll choose Metal Gear Solid V as I stopped playing after about 30 very enjoyable hours because Fallout came out and now I feel bad for ditching it.

    Honourable mention to Rocket League.

  • Dead State Reanimated.
    Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut.
    Only Games I put several hundred hours into this year, can’t really think of anything else that stood out or screams ‘GOTY’ to me.

    Special mention to Tales of the Borderlands (First legitimately ‘funny’ game Telltale has done in a long while, and the best game they’ve done overall since the days of Sam’n’Max and Monkey Island).
    Also Life is Strange is certainly up there.

  • Neko Atsume.
    It is perfect for me at the moment. Requires very little time investment, lets me share with others who also play, and *always* makes me happy.
    The perfect game.

  • Why is there even a vote? Pretty clear by the amount of articles, game clips and comments it’s going to Fallout 4. Not going to lie, I have zero interest in Fallout…but it deserves the title. Nothing else this year has caused the same amount of stir among gamers. Tbh, no other game has actually lived up to advertisement and hype in the past two years. Even then, Fallout fell ever so slightly behind the hype train…well, at least my girlfriend says so. Speaking of which, I should probably go see if she’s still alive, I haven’t seen her for about three weeks now :/

    Edit: Forgot to nominate. Dying Light.

  • I think overall I had the most fun with Metal Gear. It was more fun to have to plan my attack.. it felt more like I deserved it when I took out 30 guys with one guy. Fallout 4’s world was more entertaining, and I don’t really enjoy the low fantasy setting of the Witcher, but Metal Gear had the best enemy AI and I think that in order to push games forward, we are going to need to start creating more intelligent enemies.

  • The Jackbox Party Pack.

    I still haven’t played Witcher 3 (only just having picked it up in a sale), but I had four big titles to look forward to this year – Fallout 4 (not bad, but not great and not Fallout), Rock Band 4 (hugely gappy, and I can’t use my drums), the expansion to Civ in Space (didn’t do enough to make the base game worth the time invested) and X-Com 2 (pushed back into 2016).

    On the other hand, this underrated little party game kicks arse. Most fun I’ve had with a video game released this year, which is pretty much the only determining factor for GotY.

  • I think the hype for Fallout 4 has made clouded everyone’s judgment on the actual game. My nomination is Metal Gear Solid V. The gameplay was perfect, the story was interesting, and the overall production quality was some of the best we’ve seen in recent years. I hope the fallout hype train doesn’t run over Metal Gear this year when it comes to recognition

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