Not All Multiplayer Shooters Are Abandoned After 12 Months

Not All Multiplayer Shooters Are Abandoned After 12 Months
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Some are abandoned and then picked up again years later, when everyone had forgotten all about them.

There are a lot of things wrong with multiplayer shooters these days, but not all of them are guilty of costing $80 then dying a year later. I mean, look at Tribes Ascend, a game released in 2012.

Three years old, and without an update since 2013, it got one today, and it’s a big one. The game has essentially been reset, with changes across to the board to classes, weapons and vehicles.

Fans seem pleased, and long-time players have had all their in-game currency (it’s a free-to-play gamed) and XP refunded so that they can spend it all over again.

Of course, that long silence wasn’t for nothing; Tribes had been left to die while developers Hi-Rez focused their efforts on Smite, so another way of looking at this is that it’s an…unabandoning?

Wish more games got a breath of fresh air like this, regardless of how minor or trivial it ends up being.


  • I wish Halo: Reach got more updates. 343i pretty much left it dead in the water, with their ‘pro’ changes now all being empty.

  • If i wanted to play titanfall today i would not be getting the requisite experience from it, as well as all the previous Call of Battlefield titles. Multiplayer games today are only playable until the next one comes out. And thats how the execs want it.

    • I still play a fair bit of Battlefield 4 and don’t have too much trouble finding a game, even though BF Hardline and Battlefront have come out since.

      • I’m the same on you about playing Battlefield 4. Play it nearly every night I can and there always seems to be 2 full games of Conquest on. On Battlefield Hardline though, I did enjoy it but the community died really early. Good luck finding a game on it now

        • The PC community of B4 is still pretty active. At least on german Servers. Though I don’t play it anymore.

  • I’m hoping Evolve gets a reawakening somehow. I got bored like many others, but still feel like there was a great game there that didn’t reach its potential for whatever reason.

      • I think it was more that the game wasn’t very satisfying when playing with an uncoordinated team. It demanded good teamwork or an absolute walloping would follow suit if you didn’t work together. I’ve heard that good groups made it an excellent game.

    • I wish I could agree as i had high hopes for this game because left for dead makers.
      It turned out to be a game last and a dlc model first. I’m glad i tried the beta, it put me off buying it

  • It might not be the best tribes, but it is still the most satisfying, spectacular, and skilful shooter made since the last tribes.

    The astronomically steep learning curve is way softer in this due to the bullet weapons, but it’s still incredibly brutal for newcomers, especially if they try to play for kills.

    Finding a local match is impossible these days, otherwise I’d still be playing it religiously. There’s very little in life more satisfying than hearing the sweet “cha-ching” of a blue plate special.

    This patch makes me happy, but it will never garner the casual support it needs to survive, it’s just too hardcore.

    This is also natural selection 2’s problem.

    • Yeah I had that problem for both Tribes Ascend and Natural Selection 2 – actually more so for NS2, that game was just incredibly overwhelming to learn for an aging gamer like me.

  • Hmmm but tribes ascend has 636 people playing worldwide right now (on steam)
    Natural selection 2 which is also going through a revamp has only 244 worldwide players
    both games all time peaks have not broken 10k on steam

    Even though i personally think they are great games, (tribes is one of the rare F2P that didnt suck) the numbers just arent there

    • I hear ya, but I often wish there was like a week of nostalgia where no one is allowed to play games made in the last five years and you have to pick up one of the classics.
      I was reminiscing on unreal tournament just a week ago, and I have mates from high school days that still talk about when we had lan parties of doom, descent, rise of the triad and wolfenstein (plus stuntz for shits and gigs).

      Man I miss the old days, the graphics were average but the gameplay and comraderie was awesome.

  • I wish my dad would unabandon me.

    All jokes aside, that screenshot lured me into this article – haven’t even heard of this game haha. Looks cool! Is it a destiny kind of deal? Guess I should just go look it up.

    • Its a free to play competative FPS, deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, some sort of base destruction, and it has vehicles

  • I’ve been pretty dirty on how Tribes: Ascend was abandoned for some MOBA.

    This might be enough to make me reinstall.

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