Nuclear Throne, One Of Steam’s Highest Rated Games, Leaves Early Access

Nuclear Throne, One Of Steam’s Highest Rated Games, Leaves Early Access

It’s been a bit of an indie darling since launching on Steam back in 2013. The roguelike top-down 8-bit shooter finally left Early Access this week, and it does so with one of the most impressive Steam records to boot.

If you didn’t hear of Nuclear Throne until recently it’s probably thanks to the PlayStation Experience conference, where developers Vlambeer announced the roguelike’s launch on PS4 and the PS Vita. Nuclear Throne was always scheduled to launch on the Sony platforms, but the game wouldn’t be fully “released” on PC until the Sony platforms were covered.

But that’s taken care of now, and the final pre-release update — number #96 — has been shipped. There are still plenty of bugs to be ironed out, with many noting issues on the Steam forums about the co-op and crashes to desktop without error logs.

It’s a bit of a shame considering the high regard in which Nuclear Throne is held. The game has a 97% positive rating from over 4,000 reviews, and anyone who got hooked on Spelunky or Downwell earlier could do far, far worse than checking out some of Vlambeer’s development streams (or Let’s Plays on YouTube).

Be warned: it’s not a friendly shooter. It’s tagged as a bullet hell game for a reason — Assault Android Cactus fans take note — but perhaps the best comparison I’ve seen is someone calling Nuclear Throne a cross between Hotline Miami and The Binding of Isaac.


  • Fantastic game, got it during early access and it’s one of those games I never regretted getting. Now that it’s out I should really fire it back up.

  • Sunk over 90 hours into the early access. The game is great, good fun and plenty of secrets to find. Easy to learn, extremely hard to master.

  • I got this through a humble bundle back when it was Wasteland Kings. I can’t believe it’s been 2 years.

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