Nyko's Lovely Xbox One Data Hump Arrives Just In The Nick Of Too Late

Nyko's Lovely Xbox One Data Hump Arrives Just In The Nick Of Too Late

Nyko's elegant console-mounted solution to adding cheap 8cm hard drives to the Xbox One is finally available for purchase, one month after I cracked and added a terabyte via the 'hang a 5cm drive off the back of the console via USB cable' method.

Once I envisioned my Xbox One decked out in a full array of Nyko accessories. The side-mounted power dock. The Intercooler strapped to the right side of the console top. The Data Bank hard drive mount on the other.

But while the PlayStation 4 version of the hard disc strap-on came out in June, the release of the much more useful Xbox One version took until December 29, according to Amazon. I couldn't wait. I had already deleted too many things — said goodbye to so many old friends as they moved several gigabytes away.

I finally hooked up an external hard drive — I believe the brand is "Whatever, Who Cares, It Works" — two months ago, christening it with Star Wars: Battlefront.

I couldn't wait for you, Nyko Data Bank for the Xbox One. You'll find someone new, I just know it. Between your functionality, form and MSRP of $US39.99 ($56), you'll have post-holiday gift certificate holders knocking at your door in no time.

Last night I ordered a two terabyte external powered hard drive for my Wii U. There is no Data Bank for the Wii U. Phew.


    Great blog post.

    Now where can I go to get some proper journalism?

      Goes to site.

      Complains about site.

      Comes back anyway.

    why wouldnt use the media hub attachment that's been available for ages now?
    Runs faster too.

    What does it do?

    Why don't they just give the console a decent sized HDD? Prolly the cheapest component in the entire thing...

      Internal is SATA2 anyway, USB3.0 external has better load times.

        Thing is tho, how does anyone know the xbone only supports Sata2?

        The only reference I can find is that the DRIVE is sata2; which probably wouldn't matter since the platter would be the bottleneck, no?

        Last edited 30/12/15 10:10 pm

          I think my dayone warranty is about up, been considering getting a 500gb SSD and cloning the internal, see if it works. Apparently the Xbox isn't fussy about drive brand or anything, it's extending the partition size that's the issue. All current consoles frustrate me in dashboard responsiveness, because they're the only devices I own that don't run on SSD's or flash drives.

          Last edited 31/12/15 12:41 pm

            Yeah go for it, totally worth it. SSD runs well as either USB3 (for just game boost) or internal (improves boot time from cold boot)

    i guess you find Quasimodo elegant too, don't you.
    Wouldn't a more elegant solution be to use the usb port of the side of the machine and increase the length rather than this abomination.
    Shit, even having an external hard drive hidden behind the machine would be more elegant than this.
    You can even get SATA2 to USB adapters for cheaper than this product.

    Edit had a look at their website and the inter cooler doesnt even compliment the "data bank" there is no way that those two items next to each other could be appealing in any way.

    Last edited 28/12/15 10:14 am

      The side has air vents, so I guess that would be a concern?

      The part it covers has no vents

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