Off Topic: What Podcasts Do You Listen To?

Off Topic: What Podcasts Do You Listen To?

I feel like we may have done this on Off-Topic before, but even if we have, let’s do it again! What podcasts are you currently listening to? What do you recommend?

I don’t listen to a lot of gaming podcasts, mainly because I’m not a fan of ‘rambling discussion on video games for three hours’ which sums up basically every gaming podcast ever. I do, however, listen to a lot of ‘rambling discussion of MMA podcasts’ like the MMA Beat and Heavy Hands. I guess this is because while everyone I meet wants to talk about video games with me, very few people I meet want to talk about MMA or UFC!

That’s kind of a theme for me. My podcast listening is basically defined by my own niche hobbies.

But I also listen to a ton of more general stuff. Like…

— Hardcore History
— Radiolab
— Snap Judgement
— Freakonomics
— The Steve Austin Show

What podcasts do you listen to?


  • I listen to The Steve Austin show on occasion.
    I personally am involved in 2 podcasts on a regular basis: Wrestle Talk Radio (via and The Outerhaven Podcast (via

    Yeah, I’m cheap pluggin

    • Hey mate. Had a listen of the Wrestle Talk Radio podcast and thought it was great. So many props to you and the other guys doing the show,

      • Thanks! We rarely hear feedback outside of our own chat room, so it’s good to know other people are giving the show a try. If you’re ever able to listen live, let me know.

  • – ‘The Empire Podcast’ (the movie magazine not the TV show) – Excellent guests and movie reviews.
    – ‘Download this show’, hosted by Marc Fennel, he talks about current IT & Media topics.

  • Podcasts fall into this weird category where I feel like I should listen to them but can’t be bothered loading them up on my phone to listen in the car. Instead, I end up rotating through Discworld audiobooks.

    I still listen to Shut Up and Sit Down’s podcast when it comes out. Everything else falls under “oh yeah, I should remember to start listening to that sometime”.

  • Only listen to one related to gaming – Cooptional Podcast. As for non-gaming stuff, No Such Thing as a Fish is pretty awesome, tho I get some odd looks on the train as I desperately try to stifle my laughter. 😛

  • Hardcore History is fantastic, it’s probably the only non-gaming podcast I listen to. Apart from that it’s all Giant Bombcast, Dude Soup and occasionally the Super Best Friendcast.

  • I’ve listened to a few Giant Bomb podcasts over the past few weeks. Turns out I love listening to people talk about video games for hours on on end.

  • Pretty much just watch the Rooster Teeth “podcast” on youtube. Fell behind due to Destiny/Fallout consuming all my time, but I’ve been trying to catch up. Really not a fan off their spinoff podcasts thought. I’ve tried other podcasts since I have a long commute and could use something other than music to listen to, but I just can’t be bothered.

    • This – RoosterTeeth Podcast, love it.

      but then there’s:

      Bonfiresidechat – a podcast directly for demon souls/darksouls/ bloodborne.

      and finally, if you haven’t listened to it, i highly recommend the podcast “serial” its a true story podcast on a crime that was undertaken in the US, very very interesting interviewing suspects. definitely reccomend this, although it can drag on for parts.

  • I listen to waaay too many… Walks, commutes, housework. What even is radio?

    I listen to these mostly on a regular basis, and some others I just dip into based on topics/content.

    Chat/comedy podcasts; TOFOP, FOFOP, I Love Green Guide Letters, The Little Dum Dum Club, Steele Wars, The Sweetest Plum, Wilosophy, Wisdom Laughter.

    Plus: Probably Science, RadioLab, Invisibilia, Science Versus, Download this Show, Dr. Karl on Triple J, Here We Are (science/tech/narrative based casts), The Memory Palace, Everything Sounds (history-esque), The Dollop (comedy/history)

  • From “My Podcasts” on my phone:

    The Dollop
    Undisclosed: the State vs Adnan Syed
    triple J: Marc Fennell (That Movie Guy)
    99% Invisible
    Grammar Girl

    Between all that I have all my commutes covered.

  • Currently I listen to:

    – Roosterteeth Podcast
    – The Patch
    – SuperBest FriendCast
    – Talkin’Toons with Rob Paulson
    – Welcome To Nightvale
    – The GiantBombCast
    – IGN AU Pubcast

      • yeah it’s been going since about christmas 2013. I think they’ve just hit 121 episodes. They tend to run for 2-3 hours and it breaks down into them talking about what they did with their weeks, going through all the news they want to cover … going horrendously off topic as they do and then going over what’s coming up on the channel for that week. it’s definitely worth getting into. Here’s one of their funnier stories talking about the greatest bible protaginists –

  • I listen to a few video game related podcasts: Idle Thumbs, Esports Today, Radio Free Nintendo and Isometric. I’ve also listened to the first two episodes of Static so I’ll prob keep listening to that!

  • I would love to second Hardcore History. Particularly the “Ghosts of the Ostfront” series. That is some of the best audiobook/podcast listening ever.

    Apart from that I mainly listen to tabletop RPG podcasts.
    -Fear the Boot
    -Happy Jack’s RPG Podcast

    and some defunct loves of mine who have vanished.
    -The Podgecast
    -Horde of Notions (an excellent MTG podcast)

  • Perennial plug for 99% invisible, truly my favourite.

    Hardcore History
    Galactic Suburbia (Aussie SF podcast that just won a Hugo award)
    The Command Zone (Magic the Gathering podcast)
    Planet Money (Economics/weird business stuff, spin off of This American Life)
    New one- Imaginary Worlds.

  • Hardcore History gets a big vote from me. Blueprint to Armageddon is chilling gripping stuff!

    A couple of recent additions:
    – The Tim Ferris Show: His interviews with effective people has been informative and entertaining. Recommend “The Scariest Navy Seal” and “Scott Adams”.

    – The James Atulcher Show: This is a little more hit-and-miss largely because while I like James’s articles and podcast, his voice is irritating to me. Nevertheless, he has some interesting guests.

    – I stand by OneShot podcast as my go-to for Actual Play RPGs. Strong focus on Indie games but a few brand-names like Legend of the 5 Rings and Rogue Trader. Funny stuff! Recommend the Feng Shui podcasts.

    – For long-form Actual Play set in the Star Wars Universe, Campaign is brilliant! Significant time investment but funny, tragic and tragically funny.

    – Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff is a more serious look at RPG management but chock-full of obscure historical facts.

    – Haven’t caught up with these guys in a while but Scriptnotes is good value for the budding writer. Hosted by John August (Go, The Nines, Big Fish) and Craig Maizen (The Hangover 2 & 3, Identity Thief).

    – And finally, Downloadable Content, the Penny Arcade podcast. Interesting and funny stuff in the brainstorming of each new strip. Also, hunt down Acquisitions Incorporated, the D&D podcast they did before it became a stage show at PAX Prime.

  • Most stuff on Earwolf, Smodcast, and Nerdist. I’m not very interesting…

    I also quite enjoy “The Read”.

  • I mainly listen to football related podcasts, Football Weekly, Football Weekly Extra, BBC 5 Live, etc. Only gaming one I listen to is Polygon Quality Control, but that’s just discussing reviews.
    Oh, and occasionally science weekly depending on what they’re talking about!

  • I want the Bugle back!

    NPR’s On the Media podcast is excellent. It covers media and current events, and is consistently engaging.

    Rum, Rebels and Ratbags is a funny and interesting podcast on Australian colonial history.

    (Oh, and Podquisition and Nightvale, of course! I have enough podcasts that I wish my walk home from work was longer so I’d have time to listen to all of them!)

      • For sure … Some episodes are particularly brutual to listen to and have stayed with me months after hearing them… Be warned sword and scale is not for everyone.

  • – Tell Em Steve Dave
    – What Say You?
    – The Black Tapes Podcast
    – Tanis
    – The BS Pod
    – Limetown
    – The Message
    – Lore
    – Hacked
    – FEaB
    – James Bonding

  • The Nerdist
    Sword & Scale
    No Such Thing as a Fish
    The Steve Austin Show
    This American Life
    Dr Karl
    Science VS

    Got a few others I listen to occasionally but those are the main ones. Limetown is a really good serialized podcast, like a cross between Serial and the X-Files.

  • I’ve largely stopped listening as I don’t have much of a commute right now but when I did, I worked off a priority list:

    1. Hardcore History
    2. Giant Beastcast
    3. Giant Bombcast
    4. 8-4 Play

    Generally in a given week my commute to and from work was long enough to get through both of Giant Bomb’s podcasts and I’d only get down to 8-4 if I had had some extra driving for some reason (visiting the parents etc). A year or two back I lived further from work and would get through all three easily and then listen to a few others as well, mainly gaming-related. Weekend Confirmed was #1 on the regular list as well, until it got cancelled. 1up Yours and GFW back in the day.

    Hardcore History is absolutely excellent and it gets highest priority when there’s new episodes, but they’re so few and far between recently that it’s more like a special treat when new episodes release than it is something regular.

  • I like Nerdist, the Patrick Stewart one hour chat was just fan-bloody-tastic.
    The host isn’t all that great, but he lets the people talk, and they get an hour or so, and are generally fascinating, as they let their guard down and really chat about everything and have a great time.
    Perfect for long car trips.

    Also love Top-Ten, two guys pick a topic and then their favourite ten films, then compare notes and talk in detail about the films. Super knowledgeable and have a great rapport. Really enjoyable.
    You just have to ignore the awful intro music.

  • the ricky gervais show was the best podcast ever. Their xfm show was even better.
    Now I listen to hardcore history and serial.

  • Around the Bloc – Western Sydney Wanderers fan podcast

    Rebel Force Radio – biggest Star Wars podcast there is.

    Usually check out the FoxFootball podcast too.

    used to check out Stone Cold’s, Jericho’s and Colt Cabana’s but I cbf anymore

  • Podcasts for me are such routine i have days devoted.

    Monday commute – Skeptics Guide to the Universe (A bit corny but they know their shit)
    Tuesday- This American life- Radiolab
    Wednesday- Bombcast
    Thursday- Harmontown (Dan Harmon is a trainwreck but I can’t stop listening)
    Friday- Idle Thumbs

    Also heaps of others over weekend training at gym and the like including

    Hardcore History
    3 Moves ahead
    Comedy bang bang

  • THE DOLLOP (comedic history podcast) – worth listening to the Hugh Glass episode before The Revenant comes out. Depending on whether you’d classify that as a ‘spoiler’ or not.
    & Bonfireside Chat – souls/bloodborne podcast

  • The only ones I listen to at the moment are Welcome to Nightvale and Thrilling Adventure Hour but I am sadly way behind on them.

  • The Jimquisition podcast is good.

    I mentioned it last time this thread came up and there hasn’t been a new episode since July, but everyone should listen to the Henry and Heidi Podcast.

    Henry Rollins is an intensely interesting person.

  • The Bugle used to be my favourite 🙁

    But now The Dollop is my surefire winner. And The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project. And How Did This Get Made?

    There’s a local podcast called Last Stop to Nowhere about Australian history which is really cool.

    Mike Detective is a really funny short miniseries podcast which I think is an awesome podcast to send to somebody who doesn’t yet know the power of the medium.

  • Jimquisition featuring Jim Sterling, Laura Dale and Gav Dunn.
    Fistshark Marketing featuring Jim Sterling, Conrad Zimmerman and Paulson Sear.
    Podtoid featuring guys from Destructoid
    Podtoid UK featuring Laura Dale, Vikki Blake and Joe Parlock.

  • MoneyNews (which is actually a radio show) cuz I love business and political news)

    IGN Game Scoop (more suited to YouTube really)


  • Best of the bunch I listen to:
    Skeptics guide to the universe
    Geologic podcast
    No sleep podcast
    Nightmare magazine
    How is this movie
    We hate movies

    I can’t recombined these podcasts enough, awesome set of science, critical thinking, horror fiction and movies. Love to hear your opinions too.

    I Love Green Guide Letters
    Jesse vs Cancer
    Probably Science
    Save or Die
    Roll For Initiative
    THAC0’s Hammer
    That’s Aweson
    The Black Tapes
    The Cough
    The Crabfeast
    The Dollop
    The Fourth Player
    The Little Dum Dum Club
    Rusty Fragment
    Video Games After Hours
    Steele Wars
    Undressing Underground
    Wisdom Laughter
    Critical Wits
    Something For The Drive Home

    I listen to a couple.

  • A new gaming podcast well worth checking out is “Party Loaded.”
    It’s a weekly 1 hour show, so a great length for most commutes without venturing into the rambling 3+ hour territory. 4 Australian hosts (2 male, 2 female) with a good mix of perspectives on gaming and the industry in general.

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