PAX Australia 2016 Tickets Go On Sale Tomorrow

PAX Australia 2016 Tickets Go On Sale Tomorrow

It seems like only yesterday when we in a state of fuzzy bliss, gushing about how much fun we were all having at PAX Australia 2015.

Guess what — honeymoon is over. Tickets for PAX Australia 2016 go on-sale tomorrow and you’re gonna have to pony up some cold hard cash for those good feelings and good times.

Prices appear to be the same as last year. Those prices? $150 for a three-day pass, with daily passes coming in at $55. The $150 for a three-day pass deal lasts until December 24.

Also — the dates. This year it’s running a week later than normal. November 4 until November 6. That way you miss the whole Melbourne Cup thing, which will no doubt make things easier for those travelling interstate. Flights will be cheaper, accommodation will probably be a little easier. The streets will be less blocked by people wearing oversized hats.

All-in-all, a good thing.

I’m just hoping someone will let me make porridge live on-stage again.


    • That was a fun game. And the Saturday afternoon “How much will they regret today?” when you see various aged people leaning on each other and stumbling along southbank 😛

  • Yeah I find the clash of cultures at South Bank saturday night awesome fun!
    Also it was fun trying to distinguish between halloween/pax cosplayer

  • I’m still on the fence about going. Everyone who says PAX is what you make it is spot on. I haven’t made much of it in the last couple of years to be honest. We shall see!

  • Silly me thought tickets went on sale this morning. The range of emotions went something like Excitement -> Anger -> Stupidity -> Excitement.

    Now I have to rush off to Sydney tomorrow and I’ll be faced trying to buy my tix on my bloody phone. *groan* #FirstWorldProblems

      • Well … in the context of ‘feeling stupid’ it was! Nevermind! Tickets were bought and receipted at 10.04am so I’m now feeling slightly less stupider. 😛

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