PAX Australia Just Got A Fancy New Logo

It's way more... blocky. Shape-like.


I reckon it's pretty cool. A bit obscured, but cool. It's one of those things though, people tend to not like new things when it comes to logos, redesigns and fonts. That's just a fact.

I like it.


    Looks like they took their inspiration from Federation Square

      I was actually thinking the very same thing

        That's pretty much what I said when it was posted on the closed Enforcer group page :D

          The super secret enforcer group page that we mere mortals aren't meant to know about?

    They had a version of this at PAX this year on T-shirts.

    It was a cool shirt, so I bought one

    And then my story became less interesting.

    I'm a little sad to see the old logo go. I wonder why they saw the need to change it?

    The only thing I don't like about it is how thin the year's font is in relation to how blocky the rest of the logo is. I think it would've been nicer to keep the font used previously and use that for the year. That way the logo retains some aspect of the original design, and it would also double as continuing the underline of the PAX part.

    Ah shit, this means tickets are on sale soon and I have no money... damn christmas presents :'(

    OT: I think it's kinda cool, as @redartifice mentioned it was also on a rather fancy looking shirt this year that I almost bought too (but I already have 2 PAX shirts from the previous years lol).
    I'm not sure it'll do as well with the general non-gaming public though, seems like the older one that was easier to read/understand and more obviously gaming-related would market better but then I'm not in marketing...

    Are all PAX logos changing or is Oz just getting its own? I like the feeling of PAX being part of a broader network.

    On its own - I like the change.

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      I'm wondering this too. None of the websites have been updated and it'd be weird for PAX AUS to have different branding to the others.

      It looks very ... tangrammy -

    This is the "Polygon" design that they have been / are rolling out across all the PAX Stuff. I beleive each Pax has it's own colour. Ours is Yellow :-)

    The pins reveal the colours of the others I beleive

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      Same colours as on the site from before (with the old logos) :P

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