People Are Pitching Spectator Clients For Microsoft’s HoloLens

People Are Pitching Spectator Clients For Microsoft’s HoloLens

For any new technology to get off the ground, there has to be plenty of developers excited to create content. And the best way to get developers excited is to show them that there’s something the public wants.

As a result, Microsoft has reached out to the public to get ideas for their HoloLens augmented reality tech. What does the public want? What do they want beamed into their eyeballs in an easy and convenient manner?

Well, as it turns out, they really want to watch eSports.

You can view all the public’s ideas by going to the official page. There’s plenty of obvious choices, like HoloLens apps for architects or interior decorators.

But what the gaming community is starting to rally behind is the idea of spectator clients, namely the ability to watch their favourite games via augmented reality. Instead of being able to play Minecraft on your kitchen bench, why not beam a live game of Hearthstone or the League Championship Series while you cook?

“Wouldn’t it be great if you could watch League of Legends matches in your home without having to stare at a computer screen,” the submission for a League of Legends HoloLens app reads. It’s just shy of 1900 likes so far and it’s been shared a few hundred times on Facebook (although getting HoloLens to play nicely with Adobe AIR would be an intriguing technical challenge).

“The entire Rift would be at the viewers disposal. If they want to see the entire map, they can. If they want to zoom into certain lanes, they can. If they want to have their HoloLens to go to where the action is happening, they can. This is the ability to watch League of Legends like never before. This is the power that the HoloLens can provide.”

That’s not the only community enthralled by the prospect of a more freeform spectator client. Hearthstone fans want a HoloLens app too, although the pitch is far less original.

There’s more support for a HoloLens spin on GOTV, the spectator service for Counter-Strike Global Offensive, although the community there is yet to show the same level of support that League fans have displayed.

Valve has already been working on experimental VR experiences mind you, and it wouldn’t be a massive surprise if there was someone inside their fabled offices crafting up a spectator client for Dota 2 and CS:GO ready for next year’s launch of the HTC Vive/Valve VR.

What HoloLens apps would you like to see created?


  • I really just want to watch anything other than my work computer screen. Hell, I’ll even watch Ellen if it means I can have something slightly less like Outlook to stare at.

    For me AR (over VR) offers the perfect solution for a desk worker. It’s my own private little video screen(s) without having to Alt+Tab out of something when the boss walks by. If only they could design it so I look less like a muppet sitting at my desk with a monstrosity on my face.

  • I think spectating Hearthstone matches is setting sights too low. Imagine playing Hearthstone on an actual tabletop, using your actual fingers to drag cards around (obviously missing haptic feedback) and seeing your opponent (or a generic representation, or even a full blown model of the opponent’s hero!) sitting across from you, with head movements and hand gestures mapped in real-time.

    For that matter, any tabletop game. Maybe even Tabletop Simulator, or as basic as Microsoft Solitaire.

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