Westwood Studios Wins Industry Icon Award At The Game Awards

Video: Pioneering game-makers Westwood Studios received the Industry Icon award at The Game Awards yesterday afternoon and this tribute video shows for why the makers of Command & Conquer and other classics deserve it.

The video also delves a little into the rivalry that developed between Blizzard and Westwood, whose strategy games set the benchmark for many in the 1990’s. Total Annihilation and Dark Reign aren’t mentioned, of course, although it’s always worthwhile reflecting on the impact of Dune 2 and Dune 2000.


  • I tend to go on a big Westwood nostalgia trip at least once a year. I especially miss the Dune games. They might not have been the most loyal depiction of the Dune universe, but I loved the way Westwood interpreted the series. I was actually a little disappointed when I found out that House Ordos wasn’t actually part of the established canon!

  • That would’ve been awkward and also hilarious if they announced the winner as Westwood Studios and someone from EA stood up and started shaking hands with people, walking down the isle to accept the reward, then realising OH WAIT I FUCKING RUINED COMMAND AND CONQUER!!!


  • its at this point where I say to myself: fuck all publishers. I really haven’t seen them push existing IP’s to success- rather it seems they just want to milk the cash cow until corroded pennies come out

    • Agreed… I mean they had a decent thing going w/ RA3. As much as people loved to rag on about it (and the utterly imba nature of the armies =P) it was still a rather fun and solid RTS experience and I loved the alternate ability gimmicks they had for units which kept things interesting on the micro level.

      And then they had to go fsck everything up by doing the “we can’t do proper design so lets half-ass rip off every RTS out there” job that was C&C4. I bought it for less than 5 bucks on Steam Sale… good grief that was a mistake!

      • Command & Conquer, Famous for 7 Games (and 7 expansion packs) where you Gather Resources, Build a Base, Build an Army and take out your enemy. Why on Earth did they remove the first two steps for Game 8 (C&C4) and change the last step to take out your enemy who constantly respawns every time you wipe them out until the timer runs down.

        What truly became more and more annoying was the strategy short cuts that appeared in later games, Super Weapons are fine, I got X minutes to kill your power or your Super Weapon. But the every minute to give somebody an unstopable power that can wipe out your army, it takes a lot of the fun out of it for me.

        • It was basically EA trying to cash in on the success of CoH and DoW’s capture the sector multiplayer gameplay + unique factional commander differences…. except the execution was goddamned terrible.

          CoH and DoW’s different commanders w/in factions worked because the base army of each faction was finely balanced and the commander just added more options/strategy to the base army. This was already completely fscked on C&C4 because every army was just lacking… they tried the scissors paper rock strategy but because your pop cap was insanely puny you couldn’t even get a decent mix of units never mind that even if you could every army’s unit roster meant you needed at least another player to compensate for the units they lacked ie. no heavy armor on defense, no infantry on heavy and so on. By the end though, all you really had to do was literally park your base near the enemy one and start spawning men till they get over run no strategy was ever needed! All this supposed micro was pointless…

          Add in the need to “grind” to unlock late tier units (which also became useless since they ate up so much pop count anyway), and the shoe horning of this crap awful multiplayer system on the single player campaign which meant I was utterly frustrated because I had to do 1 v 3 against AI which would infinitely spawn units. The game was just trash.

          I mean C&C3 was blatant rip off of Starcraft (hi Scrin Carrier!) but at least it was still a competent C&C game and the play style felt like classic C&C… 4 was just terrible.

          • I truly loathe the Scrin Carrier it’s just far too powerful a unit. The Scrin Carrier should have been reworked into the big Uber vehicle like the GDI Marv.

            Compare that to the Carrier from Red Alert, that was perfectly balanced IMO.

            GDI vs NOD, two sides very well balanced against each other. Add the Scrin who seem to be balanced against nothing and it just seems badly thought out. I don’t even enjoy the game when they are on my side (I got a friend who only plays the cheapest side in any RTS).

            C&C and RA reached the height of the series with the 2nd games, at least IMO.

  • Sigh. Poor Westwood. Shame it doesn’t exist anymore. Along with some of the other oldtime greats… Origin, Interplay, Black Isle…

    Time passes and studios fall. *takes off hat*

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