PlayStation Experience 2015: All Of The Stories, Right Here

PlayStation Experience 2015: All Of The Stories, Right Here

So, rather than dribble these out in single-sentence story form, we’ve compiled all the shorter PlayStation Experience news from overnight into one post for easy consumption. Please, enjoy!

The Grand Finale For The PlayStation Experience 2015 Keynote? A MOBA.

PS Experience didn’t end with a new God of War, didn’t end with some brand-new PS4 exclusive. Nah. It’s 2015 and so it ended with the hottest genre going: MOBAs. Specifically, a new one called Paragon coming from Epic Games in 2016 for PS and PS4.

You know, Paragon, the game that formerly could have been anything. Early access this autumn, open beta in the winter.

UPDATE: here’s gameplay…

Psychonauts VR Game Coming To PS4, First Joke’s On Time Magazine

Psychonauts VR Game Coming To PS4, First Joke's On Time Magazine

In one of the first examples of an existing gaming series coming to virtual reality, Double Fine boss Tim Schafer told a crowd of PlayStation fans today that his studio is making a virtual reality Psychonauts game for the PS4’s upcoming PlayStation VR device.

It’s called Psychonauts In The Rhombus of Ruin. You’re using psychic powers with a glance. That’s about all we got, other than an image of the series’ lead character spoofing the much-maligned Time magazine cover featuring VR pioneer and Oculus chief Palmer Luckey.

Second Psychonauts game announced in a week. Go figure!

Psychonauts VR Game Coming To PS4, First Joke's On Time Magazine

Rez Is Coming To PlayStation VR [UPDATE: VR Optional!]

Kotaku‘s Evan Narcisse and the rest of the world’s Rez devotees probably might want to add virtual reality goggles to their shopping list, because the hit rave-like Dreamcast rhythm game is coming to PlayStation VR.

They’re calling it Rez Infinite. 60fps and, if the video shown at today’s PlayStation Experience is any indication, might have some new levels. More to come…

Rez lead creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi was on stage at the event with a VR headset and, apparently, some sort of vibrating space suit.

Rez Is Coming To PlayStation VR (UPDATE: VR Optional!)

Ni No Kuni II Announced For PS4

Today at the PlayStation Experience, developer Level-5 announced Ni no Kuni II, a sequel to the lovely cartoon role-playing game they developed in coordination with the talented animators at Studio Ghibli.

This one’s coming to PlayStation 4, and it looks phenomenal, although there’s no release date yet. The first Ni no Kuni was released in North America as a PS3 exclusive back in 2013. I loved it, warts and all.

Bandai Namco published the first one and will handle this one, too. You can watch the gorgeous debut trailer above.

PS4 Ratchet & Clank Remake Out April 2016

The next Ratchet & Clank game, the quasi-remake of the PS2 original — the one that’s based on the 28 April, 2016 movie — will be out on 12 April on PS4, according to Ted Price, head of the series’ studio Insomniac Games.

Brutal Is A New PS4 Game With Damn Cool Graphics

Here’s a trailer for Brutal, one of the newest games shown off during the PlayStation Experience event in San Francisco today. The game looks like ASCII art, which is a pretty unusual art style, especially for 2015! But that’s exactly what makes it seem so cool.

As the visual style might suggest, the game has the player diving into dungeons, much like classic roguelikes have in the past. Count me in.

Yakuza 5 Arrives On PS3 Next Week

Yakuza 5 arrives on PSN for the PS3 on Tuesday, 8 December. The release date, confirmed during the PlayStation Experience keynote today, also comes with news of Yakuza 0 eventually coming to Western PS4 consoles.

Full Throttle Remaster Coming To PS4

Double Fine is remastering Full Throttle for PS4! Also, their remastered version of the wonderful adventure game Day of the Tentacle comes out this March. It will be on PS4 and Vita.

Introducing F.A.N.G, One Of Street Fighter V’s Newest Characters

Introducing F.A.N.G, one of Street Fighter V’s newest characters who will debut on launch day. Capcom joked that they’re glad he didn’t leak before the Playstation Experience event! Heh. And here are the characters that are dropping as DLC, later after the game launches:


The Final Fantasy VII Remake Is Looking Hot

The Final Fantasy VII Remake Is Looking Hot

Today at the PlayStation Experience we got our first real look at the Final Fantasy VII remake, which is currently slated for 2123 or so. It’s looking real good. Also: real-time combat?

Here’s video of the latest footage from FFVII REMAKE, which will be playable first on PS4 according to the trailer.

Square Enix also announced on stage that the PC->PS4 port of Final Fantasy VII will be out today, in case this trailer has you in the mood to revisit the adventures of Cloud and his sword.

Uncharted 4 Has… Dialogue Options?

Uncharted 4 Has... Dialogue Options?

Looks like Uncharted is taking a page from Mass Effect. Unexpected!

Here’s Nathan Drake, in a scene where he’s telling his brother about his old adventures. The player seems to have the choice of picking how the scene pans out. Here’s the full trailer:


  • Final fantasy 7 – real time battles either means no control of team mates or managing bad ai. Also takes all the stats and materia away from being useful when you can spam attack and dodge This is sad to see the remake flop before it even gets out the gate. I’m calling it now too many people will hate this for it to be a booming success they split their own fanbase over it. /SaltyGamer

    On the edit though damn Ni No Kuni 2 almost makes up for the fact there’s people ruining ff7s remake.

    • Im willing to give it a chance, even though FF12 was the beginning of the end of FF for me because of the battle system. Had a cool story but man I did not like that battle system.

      From looking at the menu options, it could just be a focused cinematic camera during attacks, or they could have an ATB style option, or it could be closer to FF10’s system with the swapping in and out (I would love that).

      • Completely agree about the combat system going to hell with 12. I’m cautiously optimistic about the remake but it’s way too early to be making any decisions about it yet.

      • See, XII is my absolute favourite!
        I loved the combat system! Being able to manage your entire party through the gambit system was a great idea, I feel, and kept it interesting.
        With no set rolls (tank, healer, mage, etc), it would take too long to take turns. I think being able to prioritise each characters moves was a smart decision.

        If XIII had gambits alongside the current combat (and character switching), it would have been amazing!

        To each there own though 🙂

    • I dunno, there was a second in the trailer where it looked like the player was controlling Barret. Was only a split second, but Cloud was off in the background hacking away while the focus was on him. I’m keen for it!


      As one can see from this picture, there is a menu in the bottom left where you can select different options and in the bottom right there’s an ATB and in the screen shot, Barrets is full and he’s attacking. Maybe just hold your horses before laying down judgement calls like “ERMAGHAD ITS A FAILURE ALREADY!!!”

      • It wouldn’t be the internet if people weren’t allowed to cry before knowing all the facts about something! To me this looks great.

        • That’s the problem with sharing your opinion on the internet. It’s like whipping out your penis in public… Sure we might want to do it.. But sometimes we should just hold it in.

    • I’m calling it a no flop.

      My reasoning:

      Crisis core: FFXIII had real time combat(I’m not ignoring the fact there’s only one character in your party) and it utilised materia in a creative way. By assigning up to 3 materia along with your attack to be used in battle. Yes it can somewhat limit what spells you have available but I will come back to that later.

      Final fantasy XV Episode Duscae has multiple party members but unlike FFXIII the AI is not stupid- they actively look for a chance to get out of combat to rescue a fallen comrade before they KO. plus the chain attacks and chain finishers work pretty well in my opinion

      Final Fantasy Type-0. another PSP title that had good combat. Magic is charged in real time, getting hit interrupts your magic, and the more you charge your magic, it goes into higher magic tiers, and costs more MP. My most negative comment about Type-0 is the AI, but FFXV has shown intelligent team mates is possible.

      YES I am gonna hope against hope Squeezing doesn’t fuck this up, but if they combined the best elements from the combat from the aforementioned games, real time combat is going to go well with this game.

    • I saw the title, but my mind didn’t register Full throttle because the video front was DotT – but I saw the thread talking about Full throttle, and played the video thinking it might be at the end 😛 SPOILER: It wasn’t 😛

    • I didn’t get far with Ni No Kuni, but I was really hoping that they would port the it to PS4, because my PS3 is somewhat retired.

  • hsha so many people disappointed, why do people expect so much, such as kingdom hearts 3, god of war, last of us 2, 😀 happy to see ratchet and clank, yakuza, ffvii, neoh, ni no kuni 2 😀 they focused on a lot of virtual reality which i am not interested in but it was nice to watch 😀

  • Given how often I nearly fell asleep farming for Gil in FF7’s random, turn-based battles, I think the remake looks FUCKING HOT. Can’t wait. Haters be damned.

  • Its a pretty decent line up from the event, Full Throttle remake, Day of the Tentacle, FF7 port and Remake, Ni no kuni 2, REZ!!! Plenty here for me to be keen for, I wonder if they will do a Ni No Kuni port to the ps4 for the people that missed out on it, would be a good idea and the graphics will stand up, it looks amazing on the PS3.

    Does anyone know about the music on the FF7 port? I never really payed attention to it, but I remember reading alot of complaints about the music on the PC port of FF7, and seeing this is a ps4 port of that version I wonder if it has the same issue.

    • This isn’t a port of the PC version, it’s a full remake. The port of the PC version is separate. I’m not sure if the port of the PC version is still actually happening now that they’re doing this remake.

      • The port came out on the PSN today, they announced it at the press conference, its $16 or so, they are doing both. Or should I say they have done one and working on the other.

      • The PC port is live on the Australian PSN now for $16.45.

        The remake is still coming, as you say. I’ll probably wait for that, as the random battles in the original grew pretty tiresome after a while – not to mention waiting for the cut scenes for the summons.

  • Ni no Kuni ended up burning me out a bit towards the end, but it was still a pretty good game overall, and damn beautiful. Might give the second one a chance.

    Also, it’s nice to finally have a concrete release date for Ratchet and Clank!

  • So still no release date for Kingdom Hearts 3 or Final Fantasy XV. Honestly starting to think they will never get released.

    • Not sure why you are expecting that since SE already said nothing will be announced for the rest of the conference this year in the west. Kingdom Hearts 2.8 prologue and FF15 news will be announced in Jump Festa 2016, which is 2 weeks from now.

  • I didn’t see any reference to Studio Ghibli in that Ni No Kuni 2 trailer. Are they involved in this sequel? Obviously there’s Joe Hisaishi doing the music which at least suggests they are involved, but otherwise it just seems to mention Level 5 and not Studio Ghibli?

      • You’d think Ghibli’s involvement would be enough of a selling point to shout it from the rooftops (or at least from the announcement trailers). So the absence of any kind of Ghibli logo or even mention of the name makes me think Level 5 may be doing this on their own.

        I guess if Ghibli really have stopped making movies (either temporarily or permanently), then they may have managed to scoop up some of the same animators (and Joe Hisaishi) to give it that Ghibli look (and sound) even without the name.

        • yeah I remember the first one having the Ghibli name proudly displayed all over it, but it still has the same kind of look and feel

          I have to admit, I really enjoyed the trailer – I got a really good sense of adventure from it

          …but no Drippy? 🙁

          • Yeah, that was the other thing I noticed. Mr Drippy was the best part of the first game – mainly because of the voice acting with that accent! Surely they couldn’t leave him out of the sequel?

          • The Welsh or the Osakan one? I cant tell Japanese accents apart (some Chinese ones I can) but a good friend from Osaka swears that the Japanese Drippy has the perfect Osaka accent. The guy who provided the Welsh accent did an awesome job with bringing Drippy to life however

            Speaking of good accents, the coal fire from Howl’s Moving Castle (I forget the characters name) that was voiced by Billy Crystal in the English version… sounds shitloads better in Japanese.

            Maybe they are keeping Drippy a secret. I noticed there was a character from the first game in the trailer, so surely a few surprises up their sleeves (although to be fair it doesnt look like the main character in this games needs someone like Drippy to help him out)

          • I haven’t actually attempted to watch a Ghibli movie in English since I made the mistake of watching Kiki’s Delivery Service that way and injured myself whilst attempting to chew my own ears off.

  • Cloud looks like a meth addict/victim of domestic violence in the screen cap; just saying… kid needs a happy meal.

  • FFS Square-Enix, you had ONE job… “Don’t screw up Final Fantasy VII.”
    The cutscenes look fantastic, and I’m glad they’re fleshing out the story more.
    But WHY OH WHY would they want to destroy the battle system and turn it into something completely different??
    (“Something different” meaning the bastard stepchild of Crisis Core and Type-0, neither of which was anywhere near as fun, clever or tactical as FF7)
    What’s next? Super Mario Bros. reimagined as a first-person shooter? DOOM as a turn-based strategy?
    My excitement has gone from 100% down to about 20.
    Not happy, Jan. >:-(

    • Game hasn’t even been released yet and people are already complaining. Why don’t you reserve judgement until you have all of the facts.

    • It’s a full remake, we don’t live in 1997 anymore. If you want to play the same game, feel free to get the FF7 port on PS4 that was released yesterday.

      If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

      • You seem to be under the assumption that time/turn based RPGs that captivated an entire generation are suddenly “not fun anymore,” which seems to be Square-Enix’s assumption as well. Unfortunately that’s completely wrong. Kind of like the late 90s / early 00s where all the games companies were saying that because we had 3D graphics, no one wanted to play in 2D anymore. Thankfully we’ve moved past that now.

        • As I said, if you don’t like the remake, play the port.

          You can’t expect a full remake to be EXACTLY the same apart from the graphics. That would be a called a remaster.

          Just chillout we don’t even know in depth what are the new features and what are the changes yet.

  • They could have showed zero games and replaced the whole keynote by knocking out 2-3 items from the #BetterPSN list. It made me angry that I got up at 5am to watch this rubbish, and at 7pm this evening, I still have an unreasonably disproportionate level of hate about the whole affair.

    PSX is really the only appropriate forum for these announcements – everything else is industry-driven. Here’s to another 12 months of being gently bent over the kitchen counter.

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