Podcast: We Sure Hope The Final Fantasy VII Remake Has A World Map

Podcast: We Sure Hope The Final Fantasy VII Remake Has A World Map

Will the upcoming remake of Final Fantasy VII have a world map? WE SURE HOPE SO.

Today on Kotaku Splitscreen, we’re talking about the ambitious multi-part Final Fantasy VII remake, which was looking hot at the PlayStation Experience earlier this month. We also dig into console exclusives, Hanukkah songs, and how it makes me grumpy when people pick “Game of the Year” before 2015 is over.

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  • I doubt it, my guess is that it will be something akin to FFXIII, where in you will have zones and they may open up some options of places to go to, but largely it will be pretty linear.

  • I would love one but if they do include one I don’t see it at all being at all like an oldschool FF worldmap.
    A possibly good alternative is something like the openworld of FFXV, just sort of condensed down a bit. I just hope they don’t make it a mandatory progression thing that takes out exploration to sidequest locations like fort condor and Wutai.

  • I had a thought ages ago about how they could do a world map in a modern FF game. They could style it as a GPS navigator so that when you leave a town, Cloud pulls out a device and you are transported into the chibi-style world where you towns are represented by little miniatures. So functionally the same as the original but with a lick of HD paint and still consistent with the high-tech world.

  • There has to be some sort of world map. How else are we going to get Knights of the Round and fight the weapons!

  • A lack of world map is where I think the newer games went wrong.

    A huge part of FFVII was exploration, getting the right kind of chocobo to get to places etc.

    Honestly, if this comes out and there is no open world to explore, I probably won’t buy it.

    • Yeah 100% agree. As soon as they ditched world maps (FFX specifically) the motivation to complete the story and explore the world was completely gone for me. I still haven’t passed FFX even after all this time and several attempts.

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