Popular HOTS Streamer Issues Fake Report During Live Stream

Popular HOTS Streamer Issues Fake Report During Live Stream

Heroes of the Storm streamer Konus recently played a game he wasn’t very happy with. Instead of analysing his own play and requeueing, he had a big of a rage-fest live on his stream, and decided to report one of his teammates for abusive chat. Trouble is, nothing resembling “abusive chat” took place, and the HOTS subreddit isn’t impressed.

The player known in-game as “The Bad” decided to check Konus’ stream after recognising him, and being well aware of his history of spreading rage to his 5.5k followers. Sure enough, the streamer had issued a false report.

The video has since been taken down, but The Bad had his own vid, and at the time of writing, the HOTS subreddit post has 1,426 upvotes. The real revenge though, as any HOTS player can tell you, is when The Bad got matched against Konus twice afterwards, beating him.

“If he wants people to play the way he likes it, maybe he should be using the chat and pinging instead of just raging to his viewers and writing fake reports,” said The Bad.

False reporting is a big problem in HOTS, with players basically hitting the report button any time they’re unhappy — be that because their teammates didn’t do what they asked, or said something they didn’t like, or maybe they were just on tilt to begin with. I’ve even witnessed people threatening mass friend reports if I don’t do what they say. All of these fake reports take up Blizzard’s time, which means it’ll take longer to get rid of the actual toxic players plaguing the game.

Part of the problem comes from people just having wildly differing opinions on how the game should be played – when to get the merc camps, how to engage in a teamfight – as it certainly has a lot of its own unique quirks. The game’s matchmaking (which was recently improved) also carries a bit of blame for causing rage. But really, they shouldn’t be using the report button just because they got matched with someone who had different ideas or skill levels.


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