PSX’s Signature Wall Is Quite A Sight.

PSX’s Signature Wall Is Quite A Sight.

PSX’s signature wall is quite a sight. These things are becoming a convention staple, but it’s still cool to see what people put on them. Remarkable lack of dicks here. Way to show restraint, PlayStation fans!


    • I think it’s like one of those magic eye pictures… just kind of relax your eyes and look *through* the signature wall, and the penis hidden all those supposedly random scrawls will become visible.

    • PSX is PlayStation Experience, a conference for PlayStation announcements etc. It was just held this past weekend (?). A lot of developers and publishers turn up and sign that wall.

      • What?! Don’t give us more info! If the author wanted us to know what this picture was about he would’ve damn well written about it!

        Ridiculous. I click on a Kotaku link and get more than a picture and a sentence. What’s the world coming to.

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