PSX's Signature Wall Is Quite A Sight.

PSX's signature wall is quite a sight. These things are becoming a convention staple, but it's still cool to see what people put on them. Remarkable lack of dicks here. Way to show restraint, PlayStation fans!


    There has got to be a sneaky peen in there somewhere.

      I think it's like one of those magic eye pictures... just kind of relax your eyes and look *through* the signature wall, and the penis hidden all those supposedly random scrawls will become visible.

    What is this for?

      PSX is PlayStation Experience, a conference for PlayStation announcements etc. It was just held this past weekend (?). A lot of developers and publishers turn up and sign that wall.

        What?! Don't give us more info! If the author wanted us to know what this picture was about he would've damn well written about it!

        Ridiculous. I click on a Kotaku link and get more than a picture and a sentence. What's the world coming to.

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