Rainbow Six Siege Got Its First Big Update

Rainbow Six Siege got its first big update. Hit registration appears to be improved. There's also an auto-kick feature for team killers and an optional HD graphics pack for PC players. More divisive, meanwhile, are HUD changes that make casual and ranked modes similar. Ubi plans to add a third, less forgiving mode, Hardcore, early next year.


    I just picked this up. Is it the best multiplayer shooter of 2015? I don't see any other games doing anything this innovative

      As a die hard CS fan, this game is just perfect. Shame about the high price tag though :(

        Yeah it seems a little thin for the price, some free maps would be nice. I've never played much CS (much respect) but this has hooked me

          We seem to be forgetting the fact that they are releasing additional free content over the course of the next year. Including maps and new characters.

    My wife and I are digging it. It is a bit more casual than Rainbow Six: Ravenshield (which was our favourite), but we're loving the replayability and the design/mechanics.
    The only challenge we're having is that the game is still quite new and still has too many CoD players who are in such a damned hurry.
    Telling them to slow down, communicate and work together is a total waste of time. Wish they'd stick around but I can't see it happening.

    The patch is nothing more than a placebo.
    Broke more than it fixed and the same issues it was supposed to fix are still there.
    Pretty much fucked the xbox one version with random crashing and matchmaking taking up to 10 minutes.

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