Rocket League Adds Ice Rinks From Today

Developers Psyonix gave everyone a heads up in October that they would be adding winter-themed mutators to their smash hit for the holidays, and earlier this morning they confirmed that some of those are now available.

In a Tweet, Psyonix said that free Holiday items were now available, along with the addition of "Hockey Mode". The mode changes the in-game arena from grass to ice, much like a hockey rink.

The mutator also transforms the ball into a gigantic ice puck, which should make for some interesting battles in the corner.

The most recent round of DLC for the fast-paced sports game, Chaos Run, also added the first arena not to share the same physical properties as the rest of the game. In introducing Wasteland, which features a ground sloped around the arena's perimeter, the developers promised to be adding more "unusual" arena designs in the months ahead.

Psyonix also last week revealed that Rocket League would be next ported to Valve's SteamOS, before being made available on Mac and then the Xbox One. They noted there was "no firm release date" for the Mac, but noted that the Mac's release would come before the Xbox One.


    Haven't touched Rocket League in a while, this sounds cool though. I'll need to get back into it!

    I can only hope that these mods somehow accidentally improve my ability to play. :P

      I am hoping the same for me too! :)

    How about a stinking hot desert arena for the Southern Hemisphere folk.

      Wasteland definitely fits the bill for us Southern folk.
      Place looks hot as hell.

    For those people curious about how active this game still is, it consistently hits about 80,000+ players on weekends/DLC releases and floats between 20 - 40,000 weeknights.

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