Man, I really loved yesterday's ScribbleTaku. Thanks to Linkwick for sending it in. And congrats to FMNFB_ for managing to correctly guess the game. It was Aussie Rules Footy for the NES.

Today's drawing comes from Tallen Boyd. Good luck everyone!

And don't forget you can email me your own scribbles.


    Cool Spot.

      It probably isn't, but man I loved that game.

      Damn it - the first time I was ever sure about one of these and I'm ninjad!
      Oh well. Probably wrong anyway.

    Or that crab from Sonic the hedgehog

      That was my guess.

        Good old crabmeat, but I just fired up sonic, and he looks too robotic compared to the drawing.

        Last edited 01/12/15 12:48 pm

    Metal Slug.

    Alright, it's probably not, but I'm going to post this little guy anyway.

    Last edited 01/12/15 5:58 pm

    Donkey Kong Country (returns? )

      It could be Pinchley, but he has a rounded head and stripes.

    Maple Story? It could just be a very artistic rendition of a Lorang.

    Banjo Kazooie (judging by the top half of the image because my internet is so god awful that it died after loading only half the image)

    Fairy Godmother? (DOS). Though I remember those crabs being a darn site more scary than this guy, he looks pretty cute.

    This is clearly Krabby from Pokemon..... ok maybe not.

    Now I want Crab for dinner D=

    Wonderboy 3: Dragon's Trap or Sonic the Hedgehog

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