Yesterday's scribble from Tallen Boyd was one of those super vague, could be anything type drawings. But first guess was right! Congrats to poita who guessed Cool Spot. Truly it was a cool... spot.

Good luck with today's effort. It's another Ashigaru joint. He told me, and I quote, "it's bit of a doozy. If someone gets this really quickly, I think I’ll cry".

Initiate operation 'Make Ashigaru Cry'.


    Pokemon Red/Blue?



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        Wait are you shitting me?

        I even looked it up after posting and was sure that mustn't be it.

          Nope... I know you just guessed because of how much I banged on about it yesterday... but was then kicking myself. Bonus points if you can work out what it is (it's meant to be individual pixels).

            I just looked at it and thought "hey that looks like missingno", I didn't even connect the dots that it was drawn by you or we had that conversation :P


              It is indeed the bottom right hand corner of missingo. *round of applause*


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                *rolls up sleeves* Time to show you guys what a real doozy is...

                Maybe later >_>

    Or one of those digging games like Boulderdash, SteamWorld Dig, Dig Dug, etc.

    Dammit. Thought i might have had yesterday's 😢
    This one is totally drunk me playing tetris.

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      Wait a minute how did you do that?

        The crying face? I dunno! It's an emoticon on my phone and it looks like Kotaku's comments program seems to like it.


          :) :-) ;) ;-) :( :-( :'( :'-( ;_;



      Or playing Surround on a broken 2600.

    Mickey's Racing Adventure for GBC?
    Pluto's parcel post digging mini-game [mini-game? It was arguably longer and harder than the actual game!]

    ... that's what she said.

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    It reminds me of a map. One of the Metroids perhaps?

    I'm thinking Minesweeper for some reason. Dunno why, I would expect some flags, but thats what it reminds me of.

    I'm thinking Tetris on the Game Boy? But i'm almost certain that the big group of blocks makes that almost impossible

    Congrats to poita who guessed Cool Spot. Truly it was a cool… spot.

    *narrows eyes*

      Page 6 already?

        There's a shitload of filler isn't there...

          Oh, no, it's a reference to when the Talk Amongst Yourselves (TAY) post reaches six pages, wherein everyone starts making puns. :)

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