Operation 'Make Ashigaru Cry' appears to be a massive success, with Gooky correctly guessing yesterday's ScribbleTaku in an incredible two minutes. I am sorry Ashigaru, but if anyone knows your pain it is me. I feel for you big dawg. I've been there. Many times.

Today's drawing comes from etheranger. He's new to ScribbleTaku, take it easy on the poor guy!


    Splatoon, the cyclops DLC

    Lilo and Stitch game?

    Clearly not how the hell did i think Stitch only had 1 eye?

    Last edited 03/12/15 12:44 pm

    Monsters Inc

    Melnorme - Star Control 2

      Yeah, google image search of 'Melnorme Star Control 2' supports that pretty convincingly.
      Was this a DOS game? I'v never heard of it.

        It was a DOS game. You can find it on GOG:
        I hear it is being rebooted.

    Kind of looks like a monster from the Kirby games.

    The Melnorme! Star Control 2. Show us your rainbow worlds :)

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