Congrats to physicalpariah, who managed to guess etheranger's ScribbleTaku. In an email etheranger told me his drawing would be easy to guess for people with "good taste". So congrats on guessing and having good taste!

Today's drawing comes from Dong Tri Phan. He says he'll be surprised if anyone gets this.

Famous last words buddy. Famous. Last. Words.

Don't forget you can email me your own drawings here.


    OMG thats so familiar!! Its on the tip of my tongue!

      Same! I feel like I can see it in game but just can't remember which game it is.

      I have that same feeling. I can't figure out if it's part of a tattoo, power symbol pattern, alien symbol or language.

    Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis. A segment of the top down map of the outermost ring of Atlantis.

    its not a map from something like Jet Force Gemini is it?
    urgh, this is also very familiar to me and i cant pin point it....

      definitely NOT JFG...
      its frustrating - i swear ive seen it somewhere

    Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

    ...just because.

    (It does look bloody familiar!)

    First thing I thought of was Transistor but I looked at the image and it doesn't match that and I don't know of anything else in the game that looks like that.

    Halo but I'm not sure where i see a string that long.

    I'm going to guess Xenoblade, simply because the new one comes out tomorrow!
    It really looks like a bunch of Unown Pokemon got drunk though.

    Ar Tonelico is the best

      That's where I've seen it! It's funny because Ar Tonelico was one of the things I thought of but forgot to check out. Great spotting.

        I'm a huge fan of the series so when I see hymmnos while scrolling through kotaku I notice. If you ever check out anything from these games, listen to the songs that make use of the hymmnos or other constructed languages from the games. They're fantastic. Look up "Chronicle Key" for the best example from the first game

          The Ar tonelico series is one of my favourite JRPG series. It has a distinctive style of sound and music that I just love.

      "Here you go Scribbletaku: guess it slow. It has to last for --
      ...You guessed it too fast."

      I love it when the people who contribute (especially myself) just get slammed so quickly. GG Kotaku community XD

      Well colour me surprised. Good job on getting it!

    I think it may be a health gauge like thing. similar to Infamous.

    One of the Loco Roco maps

    Forerunner glyph from Halo?

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