"I'll be really surprised if anyone gets this," said Dong Tri Phan in an email to me. Honestly man, that's the kiss of death.

Congrats to deoff who totally guessed that Friday's scribble was from Ar Tonelico.

Today's drawing is from Decoy. It probably isn't Biker Mice From Mars.


    Archon, the pocket edition.

    Biker Mice from Mars! - Yay senpai noticed me!

      I'd like to protest. The contributor shouldnt be allowed to make guesses... :p

      Who knows, it COULD be Biker Mice From Mars, and he's just throwing us off the trail.

        It has been before... at least twice, I think! Statistically you could argue that he's either never going to get it ever again, or that the game turns up more often for non-mathematical reasons.

    Return to Zork

      Want some rye?

        course ya do!

        Last edited 07/12/15 1:32 pm

          That sequence was the reason that Return to Zork was banned from our school library by the librarian who had to listen to it several times a day.

    twinsen's odyssey (little, big adventure)

    Reminds me of that guy in The Sentinel


    or Pillars of Eternity.

    or possibly battle chess

    I can go on with guesses of games with floor puzzles in them but I think I'll let someone else jump in. Also those characters look like they have a Bloodborne feeling to them (although im almost positive its not that)

    That guy's attire with the hat and the cape make me think one of the King's Quest games. Buggered if I know which one, though.

    Disciples 3 ? Reminds me of something Might and Magic-y otherwise

    I'd say battle chess, but it reminds me of the cover art of the box the game came in...An Amiga game or commodore 64 that ran on audiotape? Ultima?

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