Congrats to Spadge, who managed to guess that yesterday's ScribbleTaku was Brian Lara Cricket! GOOD GUESS. Dr. Neeson will be back for revenge but today belongs to another Dr — dr_van_nostrand.

This is his scribble.

Good luck friends!


    The runes are from LOTR. I think its the Hobbit. Specifically on the Amiga.

    However could be any of the others

      Seems to be going by the runes if they are Viking Runes:
      Opening partnership/separation/breakthrough movement/signals/constraint(reversed?) separation/signals

      That's a literal translation using what seems to be a legitimate reference. I'm no runic expert but it gives the impression of "Speak friend and enter."

        But... the Doors of Durin used Tengwar script, and those runes, if of Tolkien origin, are Dwarvish.

          Transliteration from the runic system used by the dwarves of Moria gives:

          ʻ ŋundʒ ôdl ug

          Looks to be a fragment of a phrase, but I don't speak Dwarvish...

    "You haven't seen the last of me" "MUAHAHAHAHAH"

    is it Commander Keen?

    It's from the wraith world mural things you find in shadow of mordor

    I thought it was that occult gibberish from Silent Hill

    Same runes were also used in the Ultima games, so I'm gonna peg Ultima 8 mostly because it was later in the series so a bit more advanced graphically.

    Reminds me of the puzzle from Year Walk, but could be wrong

    Looks like either the Pool of Radiance or Curse of the Azure Bonds code-wheel

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