No-one guessed yesterdat's ScribbleTaku! Whaaaaa?

That hasn't happened in ages. Well done dr_van_nostrand, you stumped everybody.

The game was Too Human.

Today's drawing is by Dr. Neeson. Good luck everyone!


    The game was Too Human.
    Well there's ya problem! Well done Doc Nostan for defeating us all!

    The game was Too Human.


    I actually have and finished that game!

      Oh dear... I feel so sorry for you :(

        I quite liked it! I'm a sucker for that techno-viking mythology type of stuff.

          My housemate played it. The amount of rage i heard from him was over the space of a month was hilarious. The lore seemed really cool however he said some of the combat was completely broken and playing it solo was a waste of time.

    Blinx: The Time Sweeper?

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