Well, I guess that's two days in a row! Dr. Neeson said he expected this one to be guessed in two minutes, but no-one managed to get it. We are officially living in opposite world.

The game was Command & Conquer, the original.

Good luck with today's effort! Thanks to ThatDude for sending it in!


    Looks like a map in a racing game. Gonna go Gran Turismo 4.

    I swear this racetrack is super familiar to me. Goddamn it! Also 2 unguessed in a row!>!?! I blame Christmas time and people are busy :P

    EDIT: I'm going to guess Wipeout.

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    I hate opposite day, or do I?

    F-Zero or Mario Kart?

    GT5, I cannot remember the track... googling track names now...
    Tokyo R246? Damd... had a big bridge that was great for drifting.
    EDIT: I think I am remembering GT4... Cape Ring... oh well. That does look like a very loooooong track though.

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      Nope. It's evocative of Cape Ring and Autumn Ring, but it's neither. :)

        Yeah I was thinking of Cape Ring myself. Its Rainbow Road in Mario Kart 64 though.

          Cape Ring is a great track, especially in the longest possible configuration - the transitional hairpins from outside long track to inside short track were great overtaking spots as was the giant banked loop if you had taken a brave pill, and the multi-apex 19-18-17-16 left hander reminds me of the Turkish GP. Great corner sequence.

          The air time coming over the crest and then trying to brake into 22 was real heart-in-mouth stuff though. Overtaken more than a few cars by jumping over them along there...

            Yeah, is one of my favorite tracks across just about any racer. Mostly for those reasons. The loop, that sequence, the air-then-BRAAAAAAKE sequence. Great fun.

    Mario Kart 64 - Rainbow Road?

      If only I had checked the scribble 30 minutes ago...

      Well done!


      I hate this track with a passion, yet it is still burnt into my memory.

      Bugger...actually had a chance at this one...

      Yup, definately Rainbow Road mini map from Mario Kart 64. Was scrolling down the list to see who got there first...

    Doc can we get a screenshot reference for Fridays Scribble? I can't recall ever coming across that in C&C

      I loved that game to bits and didn't remember this at all either..

      But much wasted time searching the intertubes reveals it was on the end-of-mission score screen.

        I get a 404 on that.

          Top right. incredibly vague reference. Never going to get guessed. I played this game religiously. never would have guessed it at all.

    EDIT whoops wrong thread, nothing to see here >_>

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    damn i had it and was too late.. i loved the heck out of rainbow road!!

    Hey Mark,

    Gonna put a wee suggestion out there that might be to start linking the previous days ScribbleTaku to the new ones because boy is it a pain to try to find the previous ones you're referring to every day when there isn't a single link anywhere on the page (you would think that with the amount of linked articles on the page that at least one of the modules would be similar stories not just trending, most viewed and most commented hey?).

    On another note it's Rainbow Road but I'm already a few hours late to this Rodeo.

      You can always click the Scribbletaku tag at the bottom of the article. A little indirect, but it'll take you to all of them.

        You shining golden son of a gun, I felt bad for mentioning it but somehow I have managed to completely miss that tag until you pointed it out.

        If you don't mind I'm going to take my leave now and spend the next hour face palming.

          Don't feel too bad, I have trouble finding them sometimes and I know they're supposed to be there :P

          Hey! It might be worth doing regardless -- good suggestion.

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