Well I think r3dti6er managed to stump you all! Yesterday’s ScribbleTaku was Halo: CE. Never mind! We have another one for you all to puzzle over.

Today’s drawing comes from ftwstewieg. Good luck everyone!

Don’t forget, if you feel like sending in your own scribble, launch it in this direction.


        • I got overly excited at first, because I used to plonk 100s of hours into SSX3. My favourite snowboarding game, with the original a very close second.

          • Same here, but with Tricky. I don’t think I’d even heard of the first one, let alone played it, though wasn’t much of a fan of 3. Felt like it took a lot of the focus off what made Tricky so much fun, the characters were more boring and the camera was zoomed out further so you couldn’t really see the tricks they were pulling as much. It just made everything feel more incidental as you made your way down the slope.

            Also it didn’t have the song 😛

          • I never got to play Tricky 🙁 but I heard that from most people that it was better than 3. Being an incomeless teen, i wasnt able to get it at the time.

            Lol, and the only song I can remember atm from ssx is “Song for Dot”. I know anytime I played I’d just switch it to that, like immediately.

            The ssx for 360/ps4 was rubbish tho….

          • You just reminded me that SSX Blur was a thing. And I always meant to come back to it, didn’t put much time into it before getting distracted by other things.

            Having to draw shapes on screen with the pointer, what could possibly go wrong?

          • Tricky was FANTASTIC.

            3 was good. Some things were improvements – some of the track design, the HUGE half-pipes, and the amazing linking summit-to-city. But it wasn’t as silly over the top hilarity as Tricky.

            On Tour was a valiant attempt to keep the series relevant, but was a buggy mess. Sigh.

            Never played Blur.

            Will have to put the new SSX back in the PS3 – as it was a PS+ game recently there might be a few people playing…

    • Yes it is SSX for the PS2. Well done.

      Like you i poured hundreds of hours into this series, SSX was a launch title for the PS2 and i got it for Xmas funnily enough without a Memory card 🙁 (they were $99 or something stupid at the time anyway) so i was forced to pretty much keep the PS2 on 24/7 ahh those were the days.

      for reference sake here is the image,

      Whatever happened to EA Sports Big they churned out some fairly great titles as well as some not so good but for a while it was my go to for sports games.

  • I thought it was one of the critters from Flow. But looking at it proper I don’t think so but no one else said it. So Flow.

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