Secrets And Details You Probably Missed In The Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer

It’s not that you’re not observant. It’s just the folks at GameXplain are hyper-observant, which is why they notice things like trash strewn in the streets and Midgar’s window-to-AC unit ratio.

While I agree that it’s best we think of the upcoming Final Fantasy VII reboot as a separate game from the original, it’s nice to see the close attention paid to the original game in creating this new thing and to imagine filling in the details we never got/couldn’t get back on the original PlayStation.

Things like the extra ammo clips Biggs is packing, further defining his role in the revolutionary group Avalanche. Or the Shinra troops checking out the train before the group arrives, suggesting they’re expecting an attack of some sort.

For me the biggest thrill is that damn Guard Scorpion cutscene. It always bothered me that such a big enemy just appeared out of nowhere. Now it gets the intro it deserves. Makes me want to lightning the hell out of it.

What else does GameXplain see that you missed? Did you catch Cloud and Barret battling side-by-side in a place the didn’t before, or the fact that Cloud already has access to the “Summons” option of the menu in the gameplay footage? Did you see anything they missed?



  • It’s amazing what deductions can be made through this frame by frame anslysis. Glad I watched that, it’s reassuring to see how strongly square are following the lore, and remaining faithful to the original.

    For someone so educated about FF7, I’m surprised the voice-over kept pronouncing barret as “barret” instead of barry. Unless square wants to forget that AC presented it this way (and cait’sith as “casey”) due to most people pronouncing them phonetically.

    • It’s also possible that “Barret” is his real name, and the characters that know him well call him by the nickname “Barry”. At this point in FF7 of course…right at the beginning, Cloud and Barret have more or less just met so Cloud would not be on “Barry” terms with him just yet.

      Cait’Sith could be a similar story or just be shortened for convenience.

      At least that’s my theory.

      Also keep in mind the voiceover is a guy from GameExplain, not Square Enix.

      And it keeps irking me that they say “Aerith” when the English translation of FF7 clearly says “Aeris”.

    • His name is Barretto in Japanese though and this isn’t one of those confusing names where “su” could be either “su” or “th”. It’s more likely that (as White Pointer alludes to) “Barry” is just the translator’s way of localising the differences in forms of address that Japan uses based on familiarity. (ie. -sama, -san, -kun, vs no form of address or -chan) Cait’sith I’m not so sure about and may just be the translator making it a more palletable form for the voice actors since they probably wouldn’t be as familiar with the Scottish/Irish pronunciation.

      • Oh, I had no idea about that! But it makes a lot of sense. I’m actually glad because I had always read it in my head as Barret and I was somewhat dismayed to hear it as the far less original name of Barry.

  • I think the part that got me most excited was seeing how square are expanding on the sets and scenes and story to make it fit with the less constrained playstyle of the remake. All the little things, like how the bomb scene with jesse had to show how they got there and where they went after (instead of the hard camera switch in the original jumping forward in time) really helped me appreciate why this must be split into episodes.

    I just pray they manage to work some of the deleted scenes back into the game too. Seeing the videos on youtube of the honeybee deleted section unlocked with a gameshark was really interesting to me, and I wished there was some way I could experience those areas in the way the developers intended.

  • The more I watch these clips the more I’m liking Cloud’s design – if anything, make him more sickly and destitute.

    • Yeah. Stresses the fact that there’s no way he’d be able to wield that Buster Sword if it weren’t for the Mako enhancement.

  • Looking at the vid worth noting that the bar under Cloud’s name appears to be his Limit break and not an ATB? Sorry if this was stated in the vid watching it without sound at work =P

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