Smash Bros. Fans Are Trolling The Hell Out Of Each Other Right Now

Smash Bros. Fans Are Trolling The Hell Out Of Each Other Right Now

Tomorrow is the final Nintendo Direct focusing entirely on Smash Bros. You know what that means, right? An avalanche of fake leaks! Hooray.

Every time there's a new Nintendo Direct on the horizon, Smash Bros. fans go into a frenzy. Some people try to predict what's coming next. Or, they will go out of their way to try to fool others into thinking some outlandish thing or other will get revealed during the Direct.

Amidst all of that lies and hype, Smash Bros. directs have actually gotten legitimately leaked. The only exception, I think, is Cloud. Often it takes a hot minute to suss out what's what, though, as people pore through shitty screenshots, fake screengrabs, and and even videos purporting to show what's coming next for Nintendo's beloved party/fighting game.

It's a clusterfuck. Right now, there are a few fake-arse Wolf "screenshots" floating around, as well as this elaborate character trailer created by "Nintenco". According to this (fake) trailer, tomorrow we'll all get to see the reveal of none other than...Ravio?


Honestly, as ridiculous as the situation is, I kind of love that people would go through all this trouble just to cause some chaos on the internet. Loveable bastards, the lot of you fake leakers. Don't ever change.


    It's great that people get this passionate about the game. Let's be honest, smash bros is one of the purest forms of fan service, and Nintendo have proven that nothing is off the table. Who knows, maybe they'll announce that EVERY character from the ballet is going to be in the game? That'd be awesome.

      As someone who already thinks the roster is unmanageably oversized, I couldn't think of anything worse :P

        Haha fair enough. It must be already impossible to balance. I never even know who to pick these days when I play - random is the go haha. Could you just imagine a 300 character smash bros roster though...

          For me it's just a knowledge thing. In the first two Smash games, I knew every character, every move, every level, every item. Everything. Brawl was already getting a bit on the big side too. But this one, I just feel like I don't know anything. Jump into a game with a random character and chances are I'll end up on a level I've never even seen before, and I won't know half their moves, and will fluff the final smash because I have no idea where its hitbox is or something like that. It's annoying :P

    Fingers crossed for Shovel Knight, but I'm not holding my breath. I somehow doubt there will be any new character reveals after Cloud

      Forgetting about the smash ballot?

        I thought Cloud was the result of that...

          They never said Cloud was a result of that, and the ballot only finished like a month or two ago.

    Who the fuck is Raxio?

      Someone who says you need to go play Link Between Worlds!

        You don't gotta tell me twice. I just gotta find money first :(

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