Smash Bros. Modders Are Already Playing The Unreleased Final Fantasy VII Stage

Smash Bros. Modders Are Already Playing The Unreleased Final Fantasy VII Stage

Wow. This is pretty incredible.

Back when Cloud was revealed as an upcoming Smash Bros. character, we caught a glimpse of his associated stage: Midgar.

More recently, Nintendo disseminated an update for Smash Bros., in anticipation of the Direct that’s broadcasting later today. For data miners, these updates are catnip: they can look into the information Nintendo uploads to see what new things Smash Bros. might incorporate in the near future, often ahead of when Nintendo itself actually announces/releases it any of it. This is how some of the infamous Smash Bros. leaks have happened in the past. It’s also how some people have already found out some of the things that will be announced later today in the official Direct, including costumes and Mii hats. (Don’t click that link if you don’t want to be spoiled!)

One of the meatier things found within the recent update was Cloud’s stage, Midgar. Its appearance in the update is no bombshell. We already knew this stage was coming. Where things get really interesting is that modders are already putting that Wii U information to use. In this video by DemonSlayerX8, we can see a version of the official Midgar stage that’s been ported to Super Smash Bros. Brawl using the actual information that was data mined from the Wii U version of Smash Bros. This isn’t even live in the actual game it was created for, but people are playing it already!

It shows, too. Compare what you’re looking at above to the stage that was revealed back in November:

Everything isn’t quite there yet, yes. This appears to just be a port of the model and textures, meaning that the Brawl version of the stage can’t, say, split in half like the actual stage is supposed to — but still. Damn. This is bold!

The official Smash Bros. direct goes live today at 5 PM EST.

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