League Of Legends Player Yellowstar Leaves Fnatic

League Of Legends Player Yellowstar Leaves Fnatic

Briefly: Speaking of dramatic shake-ups in League of Legends eSports, top European player Yellowstar just said he’s leaving Fnatic to go play in another region. The entire EU region is susceptible to a talent-drain this year as investment in eSports increases in the US and China and teams there offer higher salaries.


    • yeah he gave himself the name. There is a clip of him talking about it before the worlds season 3 i think it was. He says he knows its racist but he thinks its funny

  • how can all these players just leave the team?
    do they not have contracts?
    fnatic going from dominating EU last year to not having any players.
    why would they let that happen??????????

  • I’m pretty sure their contracts end at the end of the season. But some of them might not have contracts so they jump around for teams. And if the owner and the player can end the contract if they come to terms.

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