Square Enix Wants To Know: Final Fantasy XV Or Persona 5?

Square Enix Wants To Know: Final Fantasy XV Or Persona 5?

Next year will see the release of two massive, time-devouring JRPGs that many people have been anticipating for close to a decade: Final Fantasy XV and Persona 5. So Square Enix is asking the question on everyone’s mind: Which one are you gonna buy?

In a survey on their website today — as first spotted by the website Gematsu.com — Square asks prospective buyers to imagine a world in which FFXV and Persona come out around the same time (next summer). In that scenario, Square asks, which would you prefer? There’s no option for “both,” so you’ll have to envision a scenario where you have to pick one to play first.

Right now Persona 5 is slated for next summer, and FFXV is just “2016,” with Square promising a March event in which they will announce an actual release date. The two games might land pretty close to one another. So Square’s question is a good one, and it’s a question I want to take to you, my Kotaku brethren. Which game will you get first?


  • I’m going Persona 5 because I hope there will be waifus. I’m pretty sure waifus will be limited in FFXV…

  • To be honest Persona 5 has my interest more than FF XV at the moment because it has the more interesting world. That said though, I’ll be waiting to see how both review before playing one or the other or even *gaspiola* both. What a world we live in where we can like and buy/play two games at once.

    • I dunno, I think FFXV looks less interesting from the outside but will be as interesting in action. Final Fantasy world’s never seem that appealing to me until I actually start moving around in them. The cast is copping a lot more flak this time which is sort of killing the mood even though it may not be a great way to judge the game itself.
      Meanwhile I’m super excited for Persona 5 even though I know next to nothing about it. I’m a bit worried that by linking it so closely to Persona 4 I’m setting myself up for disappointment.

      What a world we live in where we can like and buy/play two games at once.

      And the way FFXV is I’m still not convinced we’ll see it within a year of Persona 5 anyway. =P

      [Edit: All that rambling aside I’m glad they’re asking the question. Square-Enix don’t always make the best decisions but I think overall they work better when they’re aware that they’re facing competition.]

    • Me too. FFXV’s demo left me completely cold between the awful camera and clunky controls – just make it a proper action game FFS. Type-0 left me similarly nonplussed so I guess I just don’t like the designer’s style.

      Persona 5 by a mile for me. But I’ll probably get both because it’s FF 🙁

      • I was quite taken with the FFXV demo.

        The controls did take some getting used to but I was pleasantly surprised at how layered it became by eliminating the need to focus of the base attack, allowing for a fresh take on the hack and slash genre while retaining RPG elements.

  • Final Fantasy xv because i actually enjoyed xiii-2,tried playing persona but I couldn’t handle the time progression thing.

    Nier Automata will be the jrpg to beat in 2016

  • I’m excited for both, but I have more excitement for FFXV purely because I’ve been waiting… what, is it 8 years now?

  • I can’t believe Persona 5 isn’t the clear winner.

    For shame, Kotaku comments section. I thought you were better than this.

  • FFXV!!!! Sexy Boy Band Road Trip!!!!

    In all seriousness, I’ll get both. More excited for P5 though…

  • Persona has not given me a string of letdowns in recent memory so I trust Atlus to make a good game more than I do Squeenix right now.

  • Persona 5 is the priority for this house. I would imagine at some point we’ll get FF but Persona 5 is THE anticipated game here. Persona 5 would even win out over Half Life 3.

    OK that’s a lie. But it would come very, very close.

  • Final Fantasy lost its access to my wallet long long ago.

    Persona (and the whole Shin Megami Tensei series), on the other hand, always goes beyond my expectation.

  • So do we want the sequel to the RPG series that has had two excellent previous installments, engaging stories with relatable characters and a willingness to stick to and refine tried and true JRPG combat mechanics, or a sequel to the series that has been going downhill for years, whose last installment was famously bad and who still keep trying to reinvent the wheel with awkward real-time/turn-based hybrid systems?

    Yeah, going for P5 on this one.

  • Definitely FF15 for me. Evrr since it was versus, I’ve adored every piece of media released for it. It managed to evoke similar emotions to what I felt when FF7 came out. And now that it’s for next-gen, I’m even more excited.

    That said, I’m skeptical that it can fulfil my expectations, so I suspect persona (which I also adore) has a greater chance of being the “better” game.

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