Star Citizen’s Persistent Universe Rolls Out To All Players

Star Citizen’s Persistent Universe Rolls Out To All Players

In an email that went out just before 10am this morning, Cloud Imperium Games sent an email to all Star Citizen backers informing them that Alpha 2.0, the long-awaited update that adds a small scale version of the space sim’s Persistent Universe, is now available to all players.

“We invite you to explore a multitude of new locations around the gas giant Crusader,” the email reads. It adds that players will be able to experience the FPS module of the game, 17 open world missions (broken into 8 research missions, 8 Comm Array quests) and more than 20 random encounters.

The full list of ships you can now fly in Alpha 2.0 is as follows:

I’m currently rocking a 300i that I picked up when Star Citizen was still raising funds through Kickstarter, although I’ve been eyeing off the Freelancer series for a while now. Which you can’t fly in 2.0 yet. Shame.

If you haven’t jumped back into the ‘Verse yet, you can find the full list of all the inclusions and changes 2.0 brings on the Star Citizen website.


  • Interested in picking this up from the get go but wanted to wait until it was at a stage when it was was more then a tech demo. Is it worth grabbing now for a few hours entertainment or am I better off waiting longer?

      • Won’t be for a good while longer either. Full production began in early 2013 after the kickstarter closed, it would be a little crazy to expect it to be complete any time soon.

        I like to jump in every so often and poke around but it’s not good for much more than that at this point.

      • Same here. I have a mate who goes off his tree about how awesome it is every time there is an update. So after downloading another 5+GB of patches I log in, see a bunch of huge bugs and decide to come back later.

        He has spent over $1,000 on items he can’t even use yet. I spent the minimum to get the game. At this rate I’m not even sure I’ll be in the mood to play it when it comes out. I wanted a modern take on Wing Commander but all I see is a team trying to eat an elephant in one bite.

    • Wait. I backed just after Kickstarter wrapped and I’m hanging till the Squadron 42 release (hopefully) next year

    • I’ve read conflicting accounts. Some people treat it as the second coming. Others say it’s OK but mostly an empty, buggy shell.

      • Well the positive side of it is that they’ve now unified their gameplay elements into a single code path. Hopefully this lets them deploy stuff more quickly as a result. No more individual updates for the various major elements (rather than patching hanger, space combat and first person separately).

  • For a game like this, i was expecting to be able to use my HOTAS setup with ease, but in the end i just can’t be bothered and revert to using my gamepad. Still very clunky at times. Visually impressive though.

  • Oh right.. this happened today?

    I saw the email enter my inbox, but I’ve grown tired of reading pretty much the same thing over and over, so now I’ve simply started deleting the emails…

    Might give the update a try this week.

  • This isn’t really the persistent universe. Lots of persistent features are just not there. It’s really just a Alpha test for 1 sector/system.

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