Star Wars Actor Says He Was Fired From A ‘Terrible’ Video Game

Star Wars Actor Says He Was Fired From A ‘Terrible’ Video Game

Oscar Isaac, star of Ex Machina and the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens, is a big movie star these days. A few years back, though, you could find him doing voice work on video games, like the “terrible” Dante’s Inferno. Or not.

In an interview with Birth.Movies.Death. (via Dtoid), Isaac was asked about his game work, since he lent his voice to the Force Awakens stuff in this year’s Disney Infinity:

Was that your first time doing voice over?

I had done a video game before, but I got fired off it.

How come?

I think they just thought I was bad. It was such a shitty game, though. Dante’s Inferno.

That is a really bad game.


You dodged a bullet there.

I had no choice. It was a Force dodge.

Poor Dante’s Inferno. Pub trivia time: Dante in that game was voiced by Graham McTavish, who played Dwalin in the Hobbit movies (and has voiced both Zoran Lazarevic and Charlie Cutter in the Uncharted series).


  • Actually I really liked the game. Decent ‘God of War clone’, had really nice art direction progression system (Viceral Games were known for making that kind of gameplay). It was definitely patchy in spots, with way more ‘throw this many annoying enemies at the player to pad this’ parts.
    Also only game I’ve played that could make ‘the power of the holy cross’ actually feel so badass.

    • Yeah, on an artistic level the game was extremely good. Had some gameplay flaws and was a bit lacking in ambition but I thought it was solid enough as a God of War knockoff. Wouldn’t play it again but enjoyed my time with it.

  • I always thought Dante’s Inferno was quite well received.

    Just checked Metacritic and both Metascore and User Score have it around 7.5/10. Not a bad score.

    I personally enjoyed it anyway.

    • It was fine and objectively the majority did review it well, the writers’ job today is basically to pander whilst modelling their version of the truth – once you’re aware, you’ve just got to ignore the woeful state of factual accuracy.

    • It wasn’t terribad or anything. It just had boring combat. It’s a combat heavy game with samey chop chop chop combat that doesn’t really flow together or feel natural. I’ve played a hell of a lot worse.

  • It was a pretty bad game, only the art design saved it from being a total disaster.

    I remember using the same combo (the one where the scythe comes down like a hammer) non-stop from the moment in unlocked.

    It was a bit odd that you spent the entire game deciding whether your Dante had demon or angel powers, but it had no impact on the ending (which, if I remember was completely good).

  • I actually rather enjoyed Dantes Inferno. Wasn’t perfect, but I loved the art and mythology behind it all, and it certainly wasnt terrible. This guy just sounds a bit sour after being turned down.

    • Oh that Kotaku… One minute they’re talking about diversity and inclusion of women then next they’re all about boobs.

      A fair weather friend our old Kotaku staff… Dante was good until they realised the cool kids were saying it was bad.

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